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OTTO DIY V5 Upgrade Kit for Sanwa JLF and Hori Hayabusa

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    The Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick is long considered the FGC standard among joystick levers, and has enjoyed its lions share of performance mods and accessories over the years. OTTO DIY introduces a comprehensive kit whose goal is to enhance control through its use of unique materials and modular pieces that replace the existing parts of your JLF-TP, TP-SK or Hori Hayabusa Joystick.

    Made of PTFE (Teflon®). Hayabusa Compatibility

    OTTO DIY made each major plastic component of the kit out of Polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE. It is commonly known as Teflon®. Not only does this material give the kit components their unique color, but significantly reduces friction on components that must interact with each other.  For example, the pivot and pivot core of the OTTO DIY kit will hardly need greasing, producing nearly fluid directional control.

    Thanks to its JLF component and build similarities, the Hori Hayabusa Joystick is also compatible with the kit.  This gives the Hayabusa a number of enhancements previously unavailable to it.

    What's Included in the V5 Kit?

    • Modular Body - The OTTO DIY modular body replaces the existing body found on the Sanwa JLF TP series joystick lever, and used for both the V2 (Korean style) and V5 (JLF Upgrade) kits.  It houses the core attachment, plus the original TPMA microswitch PCB or Hori microswitch PCB.
    • Screw and Nut Set - gold plated screws replace the existing screws used to mount the Sanwa P-1 plate or Hayabusa plate.  To install the screws, you will need a 2mm hex key. 
    • Pivot Core - The pivot core is made of a smooth teflon material and connects to the modular body. This is swappable with the V2 Korean style grommet core.
    • Pivot - Also made of teflon, the pivot sits inside the V5 pivot core.  It accomodate your Sanwa JLF or Hori Hayabusa joystick shaft and replaces the existing pivot in each respective lever.  
    • 12mm, 12.5mm, 13mm Actuators - the actuator is used to activate each microswitch plunger, with the 12.5mm and 13mm actuator designed to shorten the distance between the actuator and the plunger and speed up actuation.
    • FD Replacement Square Gate - This replacement square gate has a rounded area around the corners, allowing the top portion of actuator to sit comfortably while still defining its corner.
    • BYD Rounded Gate - Those desiring an octagonal gate may consider this a worthwhile alternative. The gate increases the rounded edges around the corners, producing a more circular feel during play.

    OTTO DIY V5 Kit Information Poster

    Assembly Instructions

    Click the "video" tab in the product description - or scroll further if you are on mobile - to view a helpful video guide that shows the parts needed and assembled in order.

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    1. Works Fine on Hayabusa Hardware BUT...

      I've owned thus mod for a few months now, and have had it installed on two sticks: the Hori RAP 4 Kai, and the Hori RAP N.
      As for the reviews that say the Otto modular body doesn't sit flush on the hayabusa faceplate: it does.
      There are 4 little raised divots on the opposite (bottom side) of a hayabusa faceplate where the retaining screws go, and you really have to take extra care to ensure that the screws are tightened deep into the brass nuts, but its totally and easily doable with stock hayabusa parts.

      Its got options to shorten the length of your lever throw with 3 different sized actuators and the new rounded square gate is legit. Less surface area, and you can still hit diagonal inputs without worry.

      My one glaring concern is that when I got my RAP N I figured I would just swap the whole assembly from my RAP Kai out and be done with it, but I noticed a ton of plastic shavings/plastic gunk all over the microswitches from where the modular body meets whichever version you have mounted. I'm not sure of the part name.
      If you own the system or have seen the install videos its the grommet that joins with the body where they say to use some silicone grease.
      I didn't use a lot of grease when I installed it, I'll admit that, but I'm still not convinced it's my bad entirely.
      It was only about a month from the time I installed the Otto DIY V5 on the Kai and the time I went to swap it.l, and it was enough gunk for me to replace the entire assembly of the rap n to cannibalize the microswitches.
      Now i feel like everytime I use my stick, I'm gunking up the microswtches.

      Still... 4 stars I love this damn thing.
      on Sep 26th 2021

    2. Hayabusa upgrade

      Downside is that the hayabusa mounting plate does not sit flushed with the otto modular body. I used a jlf mounting plate which works just fine. The hayabusa microswitch pcb wil be left dangling but using a double side tape on the jlf mounting plate will help prevent this.

      Using a 2lb tension spring with 12.55mm actuator gives the hayabusa tighter tenson,compared to the stock jlf lever and stock hayabusa lever that I have. Have yet to try switching the hayabusa microswitch with the shuriken pcb with omron microswitches, but should be compatible based on the website information .

      A good overall upgrade
      on May 6th 2021

    3. Hayabusa upgrade

      The only downside of the otto DIY modular body is that the hayabusa mounting plate does not sit flushed to the modular body. But replacing with jlf mounting plate works just fine. Just to note that the 5 pin pcb of the hayabusa microswitch wil be left dangling. A double sided tape does the trick so that it does not sway around.

      Install it onto my hori fight edge. Using a jlf 2lb tension spring and otto 12. 5mm actuator does feel different with more tension, as compared
      to stock hayabusa / sanwa jlf lever with octogate, which is slightly loose in my opinion.

      I have yet to try it out onto my jlf sanwa lever with shuriken pcb but i think should be compatible.

      An overall good upgrade.
      on May 6th 2021

    4. Good but, has issues

      Now, I've been using the Hori Hyabusa for a long time. It's my lever of choice. This upgrade kit could def work BUT, the Hyabusa face plate doesnt sit flush with the new housing. The ring on the pivot is too wide for the face plate to fit sadly. I even had to find different screws because the ones provided werent long enough to hold it in place. That also caused an issue where the face plate unhinged itself mid play and fell apart. It's hassle to have to fix it each time and I really dont know if it's the fault the product or the Hyabusa Plate. Whatever the case, I cant continue to use it unless I get a face plate that fits. That's not the say the product is bad because when it works, it feels really good. I recommend it for anyone with a Hori Hyabusa on the fence about it but, I suggest getting a JLF along side this order to make sure you have a face plate that fits just in case. on Dec 30th 2020

    5. enhances everything about your lever

      Just got mine in the mail and wow this truly brings my fighting edge to the next level it feels soooooooo smooth and is a bit quieter and has a different sound signature than the normal hayabusa. I cannot reccomend this upgrade enough for anyone looking to make their jlf or haybusa better one thing to note though is i had to sand / dremel out my stock hayabusa plate to get it to fit but this was minor and shouldn't deter you from purchasing this amazing upgrade on Oct 29th 2020

    6. Nice little upgrade

      This a little upgrade from the standard sanwa, it requires hardly any greasing, and cleaning. I've had 1 for over a year and was surprised how clean it was when i went to re apply grease to my link shaft, In my opinion this is worth it,if you don't want that korean feel of the V2. I recommend the 12.5 actuator and a 2lb spring, that's what i use, on Sep 2nd 2020

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