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PASTA EZ-Mod Board for Razer Panthera

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    Compatible with Razer Panthera

    Compatible with Razer Panthera; not compatible with newer Panthera EVO
    The P.A.S.T.A Board is designed for the original Razer Panthera. It is not compatible with the newer Razer Panthera EVO Fightstick. Please check your model before ordering.

    The Bit-Bang-Gaming's PASTA Board Razer Panthera retains the unique functionality of your Fightstick while expanding the console compatibility with Brook or equivalent aftermarket PCBs.

    What P.A.S.T.A Stands For

    PASTA stands for "Pass All Signals to Another [Board]". Similar to EZ-MOD or OPTIMUS MOD boards from other retailers, The PASTA Board for the Razer Panthera PS3/PS4 simplifies the installation of popular multi-console control boards such as the Brook Universal Fighting Board with Headers into its unique hardware. This allows you to retain nearly all of the functionality of the original Fightstick, such as the home button or track pad. One exception is the PS3/PS4 switch, which will now function as a turbo button due to most after-market PCBs auto-detecting the console.

    The BBG PASTA Board comes with cables, screws and spacers for easy, solder-free installation.


    The PASTA board for the Razer Panthera PS3/PS4 allows you to:

    • Retain the functions of the main button inputs (1P, 2P, 3P, 4P, 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, UP, START, SELECT, HOME).
    • Retain the functions of the secondary buttons (TPKEY, TURBO, L3, R3).
    • Retain the functions of the player LEDs.
    • Retain the functions of the stick mode (LS, DP, RS).
    • Retain the functions of the lock switch (applies to START, SELECT, and HOME).
    • Wire up a turbo LED by re-purposing case LED on the latch button.
    • Wire up a turbo button by re-purposing the case PS3/PS4 slide switch.
    • Wire up USB wiring via the 5-pin terminal block. USB connection to control performed with USB port on the board and with included short length USB cable.
    • Mounting method for PS5 upgrade kit compatible with compatible Brook PCBs
    FA is producing a helpful install video for those interested.  Meantime, you can download a thorough instruction document from Bit-BangGaming website. new-window-icon.png
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    1. Great for Longevity

      I have had the privilege of testing the PASTA board everything I wanted and even more when I suggested the idea to Joe. I have the ability to upgrade my PCB for more consoles whether that be current gen or the consoles released a decade from now. The fact that I don't have to give up any of the Panthera features I love (touchpad, stick mode, L3, R3, etc.) while getting more console compatibility from my Panthera makes it the best of both worlds. Installing isn't a difficult process and the instructions are really well detailed. There are a lot of provided pictures as well as everything on the PASTA board being labeled. If you are having any issues you can contact Joe and he will work with you to resolve the problem. I love it. on Jul 3rd 2022

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    • How To: Install Bit-Bang Gaming PASTA Board into Razer Panthera Fightstick
      Bit-Bang Gaming's all-new PASTA Board lets you keep all of the...

    How To: Install Bit-Bang Gaming PASTA Board into Razer Panthera Fightstick

    Bit-Bang Gaming's all-new PASTA Board lets you keep all of the special features of your Fightstick intact while expanding its capabilities. Add a 3rd-party multi-console PCBs such as Brook Universal Fighting Board to play on Xbox and Nintendo Switch in addition to Playstation! Today, Joe gets into the install, showing you how to open the Panthera and get the important components exposed for PASTA to connect, attach wiring and more. The BBG PASTA Board, plus the Brook Universal Fighting Board, are the easiest way to grow your Fightstick's support for different consoles it was never meant to play on. Get both here: PASTA Board for Razer Panthera: Brook Universal Fighting Board: PASTA Boards for additional Fightsticks are coming soon! *note: This PASTA Board is for the Generation 1 Razer Panthera Fightstick for Playstation 3/4. It is not compatible with the newer Panthera EVO model. Also not compatible with Razer Atrox for Xbox One
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