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Phreakmods Cerberus PS4/PS3/PC Joystick PCB (Partial Connector Version)

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  • Product Description

    With such a fitting name, Phreak Mods all new dual-mod joystick PCB for modern MadCatz XBOX360 joysticks allows you add a firmware-upgradable and easy-to-install Sony Playstation 4™ (via 1.10 firmware update, 8-minute timeout reset), PS3™ and PC solution to most Xbox360 joysticks.

    The name Cerberus was derived from Greek's and Roman mythology Kerebos - a three-headed hound.  Specifically, the assembled PCB is designed with three "faces" for use by the novice enthusiast.  

    The advanced face contains all of the critical parts, centered to the PCB itself and accessible via soldered wiring. Experienced builders can actually cut this portion from the PCB, rendering it the size of a quarter.  The advanced face is also compatible with a wide variety of MadCatz TE joysticks, including the original TE Round 1 and 2 joysticks and variants. This face can be installed in a wide variety of additional Xbox 360 joysticks, such as the Razer® Xbox360 joystick, HRAP: VX, Fighting Stick VX, and more. Once more, the small size of the advanced face makes it possible to install in a gamepad. With firmware upgrades to add even more capabilities, the possibilities for dual-modding are incredible!  Please see our photo gallery for pictures of non-connector PCB.


    • Limited PS4 functionality (via 1.10 firmware update using 8-minute timeout reset)
    • PC/PS3™ Functionality
    • Player indications for PS3™ (Player numbers will appear on the guide ring of your arcade stick after a standard instllation)
    • LS/RS control by switching the control panel of the arcade stick
    • Auto-detection on supported systems
    • Forced passthrough mode for Xbox360 mode. Hold 1P (x) while plugging into allow this.
    • Updatability through a USB bootloader for any firmware upgrades/bug fixes in the future. Hold START while plugging into your PC to access this mode.
    • Solderable points for Ground and VCC for usage with other modifications such as LEDs and optical joysticks.

    What's included

     You will receive one non-connector version of the Cerberus PCB.  This only includes the main board, which features the removable advanced face.

    Detailed instructions and community support

    You can now download detailed step-by-step instructions with photos via Adobe PDF (Thanks to Sean Soni for the Word DOC/PDF conversion).

    Further, the Cerberus enjoys wide community support, starting with forums on  You can visit the official thread for additional photos of the Cerberus installed into joysticks and gamepads, answers to install questions, and reviews from other players.


    Please note: This version does NOT replace the fully assembled version.  Soldering is still required for this version. Assembled version available here. We cannot accept returns with the PCB highly soldered or with the advance face cut out.


    Firmware and Advance Face Diagram

    The Cerberus is firmware updatable via a USB Bootloader, allowing you to keep in step with Sony's firmware updates, plus advancements in the PCB's functionality.  If you are upgrading from an earlier model, or want to update to the latest firmware, you can download it here:

    Cerberus Firmware update v1.10 (Hex File)

    Added limited PS4 capabilities (8 min. timeout). You HAVE to force PS4 mode via holding 2P (MP), this is because the lab zero drivers require me to avoid any sort of autodetection, else making sure I’m in the right mode tends to be difficult. So for now hold 2P when plugging in, and then after the 8 minutes (or before) expires, you can do a soft reset just like the PS360+ with SELECT + 3K (HK).

    Older firmware

    Added code for S+S=H with a ~1/3s delay, dedicated home will disable the function. Will show up on new plugins with 1.01 as the version.  Also gave it a forced PC/PS3 mode, use LK to do so.

    Firmware Install Documentation

    Phreakmods recommends that Akishop's PS360+ firmware upgrade documentation is a suitable guide for updating the firmware on the Cerberus: 

    Advanced Face Diagram

    Below is a detailed diagram of the Cerberus advanced face, which contains soldering points for inputs, ground and power.  You can also download the diagram (PDF).


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    • How To install a Phreak Mods Cerberus (Partial Connector) PCB into a Custom Joystick
      Cut up the Cerberus to just larger than a quarter and solder i...

    How To install a Phreak Mods Cerberus (Partial Connector) PCB into a Custom Joystick

    Cut up the Cerberus to just larger than a quarter and solder it in your custom joystick! Easy print reference for the bottom of the board: See simple, solderless install into a Mad Catz TE: Find out more at Get yours at
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