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PS3/PC Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB: Japan Style Controls

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    Note:  The Zero Delay PCB should not be used for HitBox control, as it does not possess SOCD (Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Directions) cleaning functions.  Zero Delay PCB is compatible with the Brook Super Converter: Playstation 3 to Playstation 4 USB Adapter via Brook device firmware update. It is not yet compatible with Brook Super Converter: PS3/PS4 to PS3/PS4 USB AdapterBrook Super Converter: PS3/PS4 to Wii U USB Adapter, or any other Brook PS4/PS4 converter device.

    Street Fighter V, Capcom's next iteration of the incredibly popular fighting game series, will appear on both Sony Playstation 4 and Windows PC via Steam.  For those looking to avoid the console exclusivity of this new title, and cross-play allowing for console and PC gamers to battle each other, the PC is increasingly becoming the preferred destination for fighting games.

    Likewise, the MAME community is bustling with DIY retro-style multi-game arcade cabinets, allowing you to enjoy hundreds or thousands of titles in one machine.  

    The PS3/PC Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB is one of the simplest and most economical ways to add Playstation 3 and PC control to a custom-built fightstick or MAME PC arcade cabinet.

    Features and Benefits

    • Common ground PCB.
    • Plug and play- includes all needed wiring for joystick and 12 buttons, with no soldering or special tools needed (plan pcb placement accordingly).
    • Available with .110" (Japanese style controls)
    • .110" connector version includes 5 pin connection harness (rotate joystick pcb accordingly), plus 12 button wires with easy release .110" quick disconnects (press small tab inside QD to release it)
    • Mode button toggles joystick input and left analog/POV hat switch input (useful for games or emulators that require one or the other)
    • Activate AUTO FIRE  or TURBO mode by pressing the desired input buttons and AUTO or TURBO button at the same time.  The Mode LED will flash as the auto fire is in use.  12Hz input frequency.

      To deactivate AUTO FIRE or TURBO, press the input buttons and CLR.
    • Users who need extra wire length can easily splice in more for buttons placed far from pcb (may be needed for arcade cabinet start/select/credit buttons)
    • Tested and works natively on Sony Playstation 3 (no home button support, use DS3 to bring up home menu).
    • No special joystick drivers needed.

    Use multiple PCBs for MAME

    MAME - or "Multi Arcade Machine Emulator" is commonly used when building multi-game arcade cabinets.  You can connect multiple zero delay PCBs together.  In MAME, each PCB will register its buttons and joystick as "Joy 1", "Joy 2" and so forth.  Building a 2, 3 or 4 player cabinet for MAME is now a rather simple affair.

    Bundle the Brook Playstation 3 to Playstation 4 USB Super Converter with Zero Delay PCBA to control the Sony PS4!New: Bundle with Brook PS3 to PS4 Adapter for Playstation 4 Control!

    Now, via device firmware update, you can use the Brook Super Converter: Playstation 3 to Playstation 4 USB Adapter and Zero Delay PCBA to play on the Sony PS4 or PS4 Pro! Both products are economically priced, and allow for incredible versatility for budget-minded joystick builders or those who already have either device on hand.

    Please note that you will need to update the Brook PS3 to PS4 Super Converter to the latest firmware before attempting to connect the Zero Delay PCBA onto the converter. To learn about PS4 button mappings, please click on the "Support" tab and look for "Brook PS3 to PS4 Super Converter Button Mapping".

    What's Included?

    • PS3/PC Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB (Size: 3.35"/85.09mm W x 0.37"/9.39mm H x 1.40"/35.56mm D)
    • Joystick and pushbutton harness of your choice. Choose either "Japanese Style Control" or "American Style Control"
    • .110" connector version includes 5 pin connection harness (rotate joystick pcb accordingly), plus 12 button wires with easy release .110" quick disconnects (press small tab inside QD to release it)
    • 4 foot USB cable that connects to the PCB, and outputs to the PC.  USB extenders can lengthen to 10 feet, or you can connect to a Neutrik USB Feed Through.

    (Special thanks to Dave B. - aka PresidentCamacho - for the product suggestion)


    The PS3/PC Zero Delay USB Encoder PCB has several inputs for the joystick, USB, and buttons.  Use the below illustration as a guide for mapping your arcade parts to the appropriate inputs.


    Brook PS3 to PS4 Super Converter Button Mapping

    The Brook Super Converter: Playstation 3 to Playstation 4 USB Adapter now allows the Zero Delay PCBA to control the Sony Playstation 4 via device firmware update.  Please review the PS4 button mappings, highlighted in bold and blue. NOTE - The Zero Delay PCBA will NOT control PS4 WITHOUT the Brook PS3 to PS4 Super Converter:
    1. Triangle
    2. Circle
    3. X
    4. Square
    5. L2
    6. R2
    7. L1
    8. R1
    9. Touch
    10. Option
    10a. Share (press buttons 9 and 10 together)
    11. PS Button
    12. No function

    Street Fighter V Legacy Control


    Street Fighter V offers "legacy control" for PS3 joysticks via day-one update.  Please be sure to check whether "mode" on your Zero Delay PCBA is set to "joystick" rather than left analog, or joystick control will not function.

    Windows PC

    Xinput support for SFV is currently in progress by Capcom.  In the meantime, you can use X360ce (opens new window) to identify and configure a direct input controller such as the Zero Delay PCBA.  Please review this video (opens new window) for helpful guide to install and use.

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    1. Works as described

      Encoder works as described and the pre assembled wiring makes connecting your buttons and joystick super easy. My only complaint would be that the holes in the corner for attaching the PCB to something are super tiny. I have some old mobo screws and standoffs laying around and they are still too big for the holes. My local home depot doesn't carry any screws/bolts small enough to fit through so I'll have to wait to get out to a hardware store. Not focusattack's fault at all of course but if you're buying this just know you will probably have to run out to a hardware store if you don't want to come up with a ghetto solution. on Mar 5th 2016

    2. Does work on SFV

      I had a fightstick built with this PCB before I found out that SFV would work with PS3 controllers on PS4. One day out of boredom I decided to try that stick out to see if it worked. To my surprise all of the face buttons worked after plugging it in and using the playstation controller to activate a legacy controller. However the joystick did not work. After some research I found that if you attach a button to the "Mode" plug of this PCB it changes the joystick between LS, DP, and RS functions. I could not have been happier at that moment as now I could use my old and new sticks at the same time on SFV. It took a few more minutes to configure the buttons to the correct layout and I was on my way. Be sure to keep a playstation controller next to you though since there is no Home button function on this particular PCB. on Mar 1st 2016


      At least, not out of the box. This is Capcom's fault though: no PS3-based controller works in V. Cronomax recommended for all of your SFV needs. I will say that when playing anything up to SFxT it works AMAZINGLY. I haven't had any lag issues; though I'm not using the stock 10' cable that came with it, but a shorter and beefier 6'. Everything from Street Fighter I thru USFIV and SFxT is amazing. Massive MAME tool!!!!! And, oh yeah. IT'S ONLY $12!!!!!!!! Would recommend to anyone NOT looking to build for SFV, unless you get a Cronomax to support it. Five stars just the same - research would have told me what I found out the hard way

      ** Edit by FA - Please make certain to switch your PCBA mode to "joystick" rather than "analog".
      on Feb 24th 2016

    4. Good not Great.

      Super easy to install, and it does what it says (to an extent) i've noticed bits of delay in my inputs with this pcb here and there but overall it holds up quite well.just wish that it was a true zero delay pcb. on Jan 26th 2016

    5. Great product, effortless configuration

      Awesome, simple PCB! For those wondering, you can connect many of these to a single machine and they will register presses as "Joy 1 Button 1", "Joy 2 Button 1", etc... in applications like MAME. Great price! on Dec 16th 2015

    6. Great product!

      I bought specificaly this product Because I only needed a pc/ps3 compatibility in my arcade stick.before this pcb was available on focus attack, I saw it on many times on aliexpress, I thought it would be some realy suck-ish product. The moment that I saw it here, I realized that there must be a reason for it to be here, So I decided to give it a shot. At worst case I would be losing just 12 bucks.But suprisingly , This product is realy good! It works without any delay, And srsly, Except the fact that it doesnt support a ps3 home button, You shouldnt have any problems with that.(And that shouldnt matter if you have a ps3 controller near you). on Dec 11th 2015

    7. Sick deal for custom PC controller

      I picked this board because it appeared to be the cheapest and easiest way to get a PC controller ready in preparation for SF5. It comes in dramatically cheaper than other PC solutions like a Toodles board or a pad hack, and it requires very little work on the builder's part. You don't even have to buy quick disconnects and wires. No soldering. It took me about 10 minutes from the time I started wiring to the time I was testing the buttons in USF4 on my computer.

      My only complaint, is that there are only 12 double pin connectors, and 1 5pin ribbon cable for the stick. The board supports 12 core buttons (LP, HK, etc.), 4 accessory buttons (turbo, auto, etc.) and the directionals can be 5 pin or 4x2 pin. Since what I built was essentially a HitBox I ran out of connectors to wire my Start, Select, and Accessory buttons. I would like to see more connectors in the kit, or the ability to buy extra connectors on FocusAttack. I'll probably end up buying and wiring using 3rd party stuff, but for now I have to use the keyboard as a second controller to hit start, and cant use the turbo or auto when playing Shmups on this controller
      on Dec 9th 2015

    8. Nothing but good PCB

      i was shocked when i first played my ultra street fighter 4 game on PC there is no delay or miss pressed button !. the PCB promised zero delay and it did. to put this in easy way it is faster then my qanba q2 pro. i was able to fit 20 feet printer cable with no problem. i recommend buying this PCB instead of the PS360+ if you are playing on PC only like me because this PCB worked with all my games on steam.

      take a look at my build here
      on Dec 5th 2015

  • Product Videos

    • How To Build A Pro Arcade Stick - Easy Way
      I built a new arcade stick and this time I was aiming to make ...
    • X360CE and Street Fighter 5 Tutorial: Getting DirectInput Working Easily

    How To Build A Pro Arcade Stick - Easy Way

    I built a new arcade stick and this time I was aiming to make it as easy as possible. I made a wood case and used authentic arcade parts (Myoungshin Fanta lever and Sanwa buttons). I had no access to a workshop, I completed it on our balcony in couple of days work and the only power tool I used was an electric drill. This tutorial video shows how I did it. Remember I am no woodworking expert at all and I am no electric expert, this can be done by anybody. Tools include an electric drill, hole saws, hand saw, hand plane, wood rasps, sandpaper (hard and soft), clamps. First plan the desired layout. I used the Namco Noir. Plan how to cut the wood. If you are no expert don't cut it yourself. Go to the store, give them the plan and let them cut it for you. Tell them to be very accurate. You might still need to adjust the panels a bit. Use the hand plane and sandpaper. After the dimensions are right glue pieces of the frame together. I used wood glue to join the elements. Wood glue these days make a bond that is stronger than the wood itself. I used the top panel to position the support blocks. Beware not to glue the top panel yet. I marked the lines to round the edges. Round edges are not necessary BTW. I cut the edges roughly with the hand plane. It can be tricky without a fixed table but doable. I used the rasp to round the edges further. Finished with sandpaper. For the USB cable I drilled a hole first. I cut the rest with the hand saw. And used a rasp and sandpaper to soften the edges. I taped the layout on the top panel. Marked the holes with a wood screw. The pilot holes must be drilled very accurately. Sanwa buttons require 30mm holes. The Korean stick requires a 35mm hole. While drilling the wood might burn a bit so take it slow and interrupt a few times. I sanded the holes. I tested the holes with the buttons and the stick. Positioning the lever and the holes must be done very accurately. Widen the holes in multiple steps. I used threaded inserts for the M4 screws. The hole depth must be very accurately drilled or the top panel will break through. It was a bit messy but the threaded inserts are inserted and stable. One hole went through the top panel and the others got humps too so I was not accurate enough. I used wood glue and saw dust to cover the hole and sanded it. I used acrylic for the bottom panel but it is not necessary. Actually plywood would be more stable. Hole must be drilled in the acrylic before inserting the screws or it will break. I glued the top panel and the case was ready for the varnish. To sand the surfaces between layers I used a P240 grit sandpaper. You can stop here and the case is finished but I wanted a darker and shinier surface and that needs multiple layers. Sand, dust off, apply varnish, wait 24 hours and repeat a couple of times. For the last finish I wet sanded with a P2000 and P2500 grit sandpaper. Not really the result I expected so I added one last thin layer. Professionals can get a beautiful mirror surface but I think this the best I can do. The case was finished so I inserted the lever and the buttons. These are 30mm Sanwa snap in buttons but they don't need to snap. Just push into the 30mm hole and they will stay. I bought a cheap PCB (USB encoder) with prepared wires for the Korean levers (Crown or Myoungshin Fanta) and Sanwa buttons. It does not require soldering. If you have no access to a PCB like that you can always extract the PCB from a controller and solder wires to it. Check my video about the PCB soldering. Cable ties are useful to organize the cables. I used small wood screws to fix the PCB and a hook screw to tie the cord. It is important to fix the cord to something solid so you don't rip it off the PCB accidentally. I secured the bottom panel with felt pads and the case is assembled. Tested the stick and all the buttons and it is ready to use. :) Music: - Way Out West, Spaceman - Belladonna, Meltin' Guitar Check this link if you are interested how I built my old custom ardcade stick:
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