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Rubber Grommet for Fanta / Fujin / Alpha - Blue 35A

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    IST introduces several variations of the latex rubber grommet designed to provide customizable tension. With higher tension promoting a faster return to neutral, yet softer tensions catering to your wavedash performance in games like Tekken, your preferred color can give you confidence to play at your best.

    Expanded Compatibility

    These silicone rubber grommets (45 tension is latex rubber) by IST will fit in multiple joystick levers, such as theTaeyoung Fanta Lever - Standard Collar and Taeyoung Fanta Lever - Low CollarMyoungshin Fanta Joystick (2019 model), the IST Alpha Lever 49S, and the Fujin Lever III. Additionally, models of the Myoungshin Fanta prior to 2019 are compatible (thanks to Discord's thomasbender for confirmation).

    Color by the Numbers

    Each IST grommet are uniquely color-coded to represent their hardness/tensile strength, making it easy to identify if you desire to switch to a different tension.  The list below details each color and hardness.

    IST Fanta Grommet 25 Tension (White)  IST Fanta Grommet 30 Tension (Yellow) IST Fanta Grommet 32 Tension (Purple) IST Fanta Grommet 35 Tension (Blue) IST Fanta Grommet 40 Tension (Red) IST Fanta Grommet 45 Tension (Black)
    Shore A 25 White Shore A 30 Yellow Shore A 32 Violet Shore A 35 Blue Shore A 40 Red Shore A 45 Black (latex rubber)

    How to Install

    Of note, installing the grommet requires removing the plastic core at the center of the original grommet and placing it in the new grommet. We are using the ASI silicone grommet as an example for the install, since the process remains the same.

    Install Step 1 Install Step 1A
    The Myoungshin Fanta's original plate is held together with a screw and nut combination.  While these were not designed for removal by consumers, you can unscrew via a Phillips or JIS screwdriver from the top.  The nut at the bottom of the Fanta's housing may spin, which could require you to pinch the nut in place with your thumb while you screw from the top. The extra pressure from your thumb should keep the nut in place while you continue to unscrew. 

    Once the screws are removed, the Myoungshin's mounting plate should lift upward and away.  The next step is to remove the shaft from the housing.  The Fanta contains an e-clip at bottom of the housing.  E-clips are often used to keep the joystick lever shaft in place while allowing it to spin freely during gameplay.  You will remove this e-clip by wedging a mini flathead screwdriver into the open space of the clip and shaft.  Be careful when trying to pull the clip away from the shaft, as the pressure contained between the shaft and e-clip can cause it to fly out, and its small size makes it easy to lose track.    
    Install Step 2 Install Step 3
    With the mounting plate and shaft removed, you can now lift the original collar plate from the Fanta's housing to reveal the existing grommet. It is here that you will remove the grommet's plastic core so you can use it in the IST latex grommet. Next, lift the original Fanta grommet from the housing.  You will now remove the plastic core from the original grommet.  To do this, you will push downwards on one portion of the plastic core until it starts to push away from the rubber grommet.  Don't be afraid to use excessive force, as it is needed to remove the core; the rubber grommet is strong and should not tear.
    Install Step 4 Install Step 5
    Now, push the original Fanta grommet's plastic core into the through its center opening.  Again, push hard - you will not damage the grommet through excessive force. One approach to try is to insert the core from a vertical angle, then twist as it reaches the center until you can snap the latex grommet around it. With the original grommet in place, you can now reverse the install steps and enjoy your new IST latex rubber grommet.

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