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Samducksa CWL-309MJ-DX-QR-ST35 Quick Release Joystick lever


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    Important Note

    Partial assembly is required; install joystick lever through body, push actuator into bottom of lever stem, and push up against the internal spring to connect the e-clip.  Use needle nose-pliers to fasten the e-clip to the bottom of the joystick lever, pushing it into the lever's bottom groove.

    Video courtesy of kuenste

    Crown has released several Korean style models within the 300 numbered series, such as the 303-FK, CWL-307-FJ, and now the 309MJ. In this iteration, Crown carefully reviewed feedback from diehard Tekken players, and eschewed select characteristics from earlier models to recreate the feel of a Fanta. This time, road warriors can pack their FightSticks in the slimmest of bags, as the QR series features a detachable lever. 

    Much like the FK and FJ models, the 309MJ ensures installation in popular Japanese style Fightsticks such as the Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ PS4/PS3/PC or Qanba Obsidian PS3/PS4/PC Fightstick.

    Quick Release Shaft

    Taking a cue from PhreakMods JLF Link, the SDL-301-DX-QR lever possesses a spring loaded shaft cover, designed to lift by pressing and pulling the shaft upward.  This releases the shaft from the joystick's metal base. When the shaft is lowered onto the base, it retains an incredibly strong lock that will not loosen during gameplay.  The shaft design is streamlined to resemble a typical shaft, though a bit thicker to accomodate the spring and lock mechanism.

    Low Profile Collar

    Comparison (photo by

    The 303-N main characteristic is longer travel distance, while the 307's larger actuator shortened dead zones. The 309MJ-JMS-ST25 is Crown's closest attempt to mimic the popular Myoungshin Fanta Joystick, narrowing the throw distance and a smaller, durable 16.5mm acetal (acetic anhydride + formaldehyde) plastic actuator.

    One of the most prominent feedback from players when trying the earlier model 303-FK and 307-FJ is accuracy issues that arose from lack of a collar.  Crown decided to incorporate a 6mm low-profile collar that offered the best of both worlds.  The short collar allows you to install the lever into Japanese style Fightsticks or cabinets (which often come with s-plate mount points), yet it maintains the accuracy that came with use of the collar.

    You can see comparison shots at Hibal.tistory.comnew-window-icon.png

    ST-35 Medium Tension Rubber Grommet IncludedThe Difference in Silicone

    The ST variant uses a blue silicone rubber tension system with a shore A rating of 35.  This is indeed lighter than the 55 shore A rating in the 307 series.

    Still, the benefits of the rubber tension is a faster return to neutral, which is perfect for 3D based games such as Tekken in which wavedashing and consistent movement is required.  The SDL-301-DX-QR continues to share the same characteristics as other Fanta joysticks, with smooth, cornerless control for QCB, QCF (quarter-circle back/forward) HCB, HBC (half-circle back/forward) and full 360 motions.

    Korean Gersung GSM-V1623A3 Microswitches

    The SDL-301-DX-QR currently uses a Gersung GSM-V1623A3 .187" Long Straight Hinge Lever Microswitch.  Like the 303 and 307 models, each microswitch can be removed from the joystick and replaced by another.  This opens up potential for customizing the switch sensitivity and performance.  The body of the SDL-301-DX-QR encloses the microswitches, offering a tighter form factor than the 303-FK. 

    SDL-301-DX-QR Similarities and Differences 

    The bottom construction of the SDL-301-DX-QR joystick lever matches that of the 303-FK though colored black.  The microswitches are positioned closer to the actuator than the CWL 303 and 307, and are not embedded into the housing as the SDL-301-DX.

    Thanks to for a detailed overview of the Crown 309 models. new-window-icon.png Thanks to SRK's Agieze for further information regarding collar height and actuator plastic material. new-window-icon.png


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    1. fantastic option that requires a little extra work

      great stick! i put one in my qanba obsidian and i've been having a lot of fun with it.

      a couple things to know before you buy - i had to bend one of the pins on the switches in order to get it to fit nicely in the obsidian. not a huge deal, but something to keep in mind.

      also, the collar for the detachable section of the shaft needs to be lubricated - mine got stuck and i had to disassemble the whole damn thing to fix it. i sprayed a little bit of silicone into the inside where the ball bearings are located and worked the lubricant into the bearings and now it works like a charm.

      the collar you have to pull up is a little too short and a little too slick to be comfortable removing (i use a rubber band to add a little traction) but otherwise it's a great korean lever.
      on Aug 8th 2019

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    Samducksa's new Quick Release Lever Shaft Test 01

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