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Samducksa SDL-301-DX-QR Quick Release Joystick lever


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    The Crown/Samducksa SDL-301-DX represents Samducksa's latest joystick lever evolution, merging the sensitive control of industry standard Sanwa JLF, and the increasingly desired appeal of the Korean lever.  This time, road warriors can pack their FightSticks in the slimmest of bags, as the QR series features a detachable lever.  

    Quick Release Shaft. Lever Design Inspired by INFILTRATION

    RZR Infiltration Profile (credit Razer)

    Video courtesy of kuenste

    Taking a cue from PhreakMods JLF Link, the SDL-301-DX-QR lever possesses a spring loaded shaft cover, designed to lift by pressing and pulling the shaft upward.  This releases the shaft from the joystick's metal base. When the shaft is lowered onto the base, it retains an incredibly strong lock that will not loosen during gameplay.  The shaft design is streamlined to resemble a typical shaft, though a bit thicker to accomodate the spring and lock mechanism.

    More commonly recognized as the INFILTRATION lever, the renowned Korean professional player lent his experience and preferences to develop the SDL-301-DX into a lever that he would personally utilize in fighting game tournaments.  

    The SDL-301-DX also adopts the MJ style low-profile collar, allowing for compatibility with most Japanese SS joystick mounts commonly found in Fightsticks.  This places the lever just a few millimeters below the panel.  The low-profile collar corrects some of the control issues that are found in earlier models such as the 303-FK, which removed the collar altogether.

    Shorter Shaft for Better Clearance

    In 2017, the SDL-301-DX debuted with a low profile collar, similar to the Crown CWL-309MJ-KMS-ST25 Joystick. While this and its Japan-friendly mounting plate indeed allowed the Korean lever to fit in a number of Japanese-style enclosures, its shaft height still posed challenges to lower profile Fightsticks. Often the shaft would scrape against the inner housing, which affected play.

    The recent 2018 model aims to address this issue by reducing the shaft height by 2.3 millimeters from the bottom. The actuator is also .95 millimeters shorter. This places the shaft further into the housing, which should provide better clearance for lower profile Fightstick enclosures. As always, it is helpful to check specifications to ensure proper fit in your specific model. Spec illustrations are available for review below the comparison chart and in the photo gallery.

    Original Short Difference
    Actuator height (in millimeters) 22.30 21.35 0.95
    Shaft (in millimeters) 88.90 86.60 2.30
    Bottom part of shaft (in millimeters) 36.55 34.30 2.25
    SDL-301-DX 2017 and 2018 shaft height comparison SDL-301-DX 2017 and 2018 assembled model comparison 
    SDL-301-DX-2017 and 2018 shaft height comparison SDL-301-DX 2017 and 2018 assembled model comparison

    Octagonal Gate Included

    Octagonal gate included with SDL-301-DXAnother departure from Korean levers is the SDL-301-DX's default use of an octagonal gate.  Octagonal gates are designed to allow smoother circular control while retaining a defined corner you can feel during play.  Samducksa's model is a hybrid of circular and square control, with a very subtle corner. This helps to retain the authentic feeling of a Korean lever, while introducing something new and uncommon to the line of joysticks. The gate is secured by 8 long screws, and removable.

    This octagonal gate configuration is currently specific to FA's stock of the 301-QR

    Available separately is the Crown SDL-301-DX Round Restrictor Plate, which offers the more common circular control of a Korean lever.

    Softer and Harder Tension Grommets Available

    Available separately, 25 tension and 40 tension grommetsThe SDL-301-DX-S contains a 35A shore tension silicone grommet. Available for purchase separately are two rubber grommets - the white 25 tension and red 45 tension.  Higher tension offers quicker return to center, while also catering to those who simply desire more tension when playing - similar to our Sanwa JLF 2lb and 4lb springs.  On the other side of the spectrum is a lighter tension that is closer to Sanwa's JLF joystick lever, which remains a player favorite within the industry. 

    Gersung A3 Microswitch 

    Gersung GSM-V0323A3 Microswitch Included with SDL-301-DXEach SDL-301-DX utilizes the Gersung GSM-V0323A3 microswitch.  This earlier model remains a solid choice amongst players, with a slightly higher tension which works well with the 301's softer 35A shore grommet. 

    Will it Fit My Fightstick?

     While designed for use in Japanese mount-compatible Fightsticks, the 301-DX's tall construction does create difficulty when attempting to install into low-profile hardware.  Documented compatibility so far:

    • Razer Panthera/Atrox
    • Hori VLX
    • Qanba Dragon
    • Hori RAP N
    • MadCatz TE2 (very tight fit)
    • Qanba Q4RAF
    • Qanba Obsidian
    • Qanba Crystal
    • Hori HRAP v4 (PS4/PS3), v5 (Xbox 360/Xbox One)

    What's Included?

    Each Crown SDL is packed within its own box with padding.  Some assembly is required as Samducksa separates the battop from the housing. Along with battop and shaft cover, You will receive the following separate pieces for installation:

    • E-clip
    • Dustwasher
    • 3mm steel Hex key

    Please review our Support tab for install instructions.


     The SDL-301-DX-S requires partial assembly.  Please refer to the instructions below for proper orientation of actuator and e-clip.

    Crown SDL-301-DX-S assembly instructions

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    1. Small issues, but a solid lever

      I'm a 2D player transitioning from a Taeyoung Fanta that broke from someone misusing it. I wanted something with a quick release shaft to prevent others from using my stick when I'm not using it, while also maintaining Korean feel that gives me the ability to execute in the 2D landscape. Knowing Infiltration swears by it as one of the best 2D fighting game players in the world, I had to give it a shot.

      The lever itself is solid. The only issue I had initially were getting accidental diagonals as the engage distance is slightly shorter than that of the Taeyoung. Once I got used to that, I was doing a lot better.

      The stiffness of the grommet feels on par with the Taeyoung, which is a big plus for me, and I found the exact amount of force I was used to using was perfect for this lever's tension. No surprise there given Infiltration initially started with a Taeyoung.

      The quick release shaft is helpful, but with a smaller hand it's a bit cumbersome for me to actually pull it up to place on or release. There is also an issue with the quick release not actually pulling at all, which I've been told to lubricate the shaft to prevent.

      If you are wanting this lever and don't mind not having a detachable shaft, go with the standard one for slightly less headache. If you're willing to take the extra steps to make the quick release work better, get this thing and be glad.

      One other issue specific to the Etokki Omni, if you are coming from a normal Korean lever like me, the shortened collar on this lever has issues with the Korean plexi and the dustwasher. Your solutions are to replace the plexi with a Japanese style one or get an oversized dustwasher.
      on Nov 7th 2019

    2. Genuinely nice, but...

      Overall, the lever feels okay, but due to the fact it’s a quick release shaft the bat top kept spin it self off. I would definitely go for the older one (2018ver.) if possible. on Aug 19th 2019

    3. I love this lever.

      I enjoy my first Samducksa stick, but at first I had a problem with left and right direction but I rewired it and its worth the wait thanks Focus Attack. on Jul 1st 2019

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    Samducksa's new Quick Release Lever Shaft Test 01

    Samducksa's new Quick Release Lever Shaft for SDL-301-DX Infiltration Lever Test 01
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