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Sanwa JLFD-TP-8YT Detachable Joystick Lever


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  • Product Description

    Video courtesy of Sanwa Denshi

    Since PhreakMods Quick Release shaft for Sanwa JLF joystick levers debuted years ago, many players have enjoyed the convenience of detaching the lever shaft for easier transport in common bags and backpacks.

    Sanwa introduces the JLFD-TP-8YT - their official take on the detachable joystick lever.

    Screw-Type Install

    The Sanwa JLFD features a unique base and shaft cover design.  From the video at right, you can see how the shaft is first inserted into the base, followed by the joystick lever via twisting clockwise to screw it down into the base, holding the shaft cover to keep it from rotating while screwing in.  Similarly, you can unscrew it by twisting counter-clockwise.

    Worth noting is installing a balltop. Do not attempt to install the balltop traditionally by screwing onto the shaft and tightening from the bottom of the shaft. This creates an undesired tight seal between the shaft piece and the base, which in turn makes unscrewing the shaft from the base very difficult. Instead, please tighten the balltop onto the shaft piece before you attempt to screw the shaft into the JLFD base.

    Shaft/Dustwasher Compatibility 

    The JLFD shaft cover has two unique convex shapes inside that connect to the base. Given the design of the JLFD, an original Sanwa or Sanwa JLF compatible shaft cover will not fit the JLFD's unique shaft base.  It appears that Sanwa-compatible dustwashers will work, however.

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    1. First time using a detachable joystick

      Since Street Fighter 6 is coming around the corner, I've had the drive to update all my older arcade sticks in preparation for future tournament outings. This was my first time using a detachable lever for my arcade stick and I'll have to admit, I'm very impressed by it. It was very easy to install and the attaching and detaching is very simple to do. I installed it on my old Madcatz TE2 fight stick. I'll definitely be buying another one for my Hori Fighting Stick Alpha. on May 8th 2023

    2. Not worth it

      The shaft does not screw all the way down leaving a 1/4 of an inch gap. Under heavy use, the threaded part of the shaft will bend as its not as thick as the rest of the shaft. Replacement shaft that i ordered suffered the same issues. Not ready for primetime. on Mar 19th 2022

    3. Good Product, don't use pliers on shaft (Little Story for my review)

      After buying this product, I was amazed at the design, and the idea of having a "regular jlf stick in my hand again, after using the phreakmod link for quite some time. However, by hand tightening it, the ball would unscrew, or the ball and the shaft would unscrew while playing. Then I would have to go into my stick to tighten it with a screwdriver. While replacing parts in my stick, I unscrewed the stick and the shaft and the ball would not come apart. Maybe I screwed it too tight. I was able to get them apart by using pliers on the shaft, however that was a big mistake. The grooves that the pliers had imprinted on the shaft made pushing the shaft into the sleeve a bit hard, as well as screwing it into the stick. If you're looking at using this, recommend that you tighten the jlf and spin ball to see if it is secure. Then when traveling, unscrewing it. Don't make the same mistakes I did for this good product. on Oct 15th 2019

    4. A good upgrade

      The lever feels nice and sturdy when attached, and the ball joint from my previous joystick fits snug. I needed to buy a 5 pin connector in order to use it but otherwise the joystick has a sturdy play and fits flush with the holes I made for my previous joystick.

      It's also easy to pack away the parts after you're done! Unscrewing the shaft from the joystick feels good and the ball doesn't fall loose. The shaft dust cover makes a satisfying pop when pulling it off the joystick and the joystick stays in place with my fightstick.
      on Aug 23rd 2019

    5. Feels just like a regular Sanwa JLF, but more travel-friendly

      Installing is very similar to a regular Sanwa JLF. It should be noted you must separate the detachable shaft from the base screw hole before attaching your balltop of choice. Then, you have to tighten the balltop onto the separated short shaft (pliers and extreme care required; I suggest using a cloth to prevent damaging the screw mechanism).

      Once that's done, the inner dust cover between the JLFD should stay in place, protecting the pivot from dust and dirt. Be careful to misplace the balltop + shaft, shaft cover, and outer dust cover.

      Besides the altered shaft cover, it feels just like a regular Sanwa JLF, even with changed springs, actuators and resistance gates.
      on May 9th 2019

    6. Good joystick but has major flaws of in screwing over time

      Update from FA: Please tighten the balltop onto the shaft piece before you attempt to screw the shaft into the JLFD base. This may prevent the unscrewing of the balltop as reported in this review.
      Do not buy this if you use 2 or 4,lb springs as this thing constantly unscrews either the ball top or the shaft and it can happen mid match. Not sure if its still an issue with the stock 0.9, but would not be surprised.And there is no way to put it tight enough for it not to losses. These should really come with some blue loctite or something
      on Apr 23rd 2019

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