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Seimitsu 40th Anniversary LS-32-01 (PCB Type) Joystick

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  • Product Description

    Seimitsu's LS-32-01 joystick has remained a main competitor to the Sanwa JLF series, and the standard among Versus City based arcade setups. This year, Seimitsu's iconic model is celebrated in the company's 40th anniversary! Today, you can own this unique configuration as a collector's item, or use lovingly in your next arcade build.

    40 Years of Craftsmanship

    Seimitsu's long history began with a inquiry from Japanese arcade giant Taito.  The solicitation: create a joystick with a metal mounting plate. What seemed like a simple request ultimately led to Seimitsu becoming its own powerhouse in Japan, maintain a full manufacturing presence in its home country to this day.

    Collector's Edition

    The 40th Anniversary Edition of the Seimitsu LS-32-01 includes the following:

    • Flat plate with Seimitsu 40th Anniversary logo.
    • Special balltop with anniversary logo
    • Round main guide (white)
    • Square main guide (light blue)
    • 3 lengths of gold plated shaft:
      • Short - -4mm from standard
      • Standard
      • Extended: +4mm from standard
    • 2 tension springs:
      • .25kgf (.55lb force)
      • .9kgf(1.98lb force)
    • 2 E-Clips for shaft install (LS-32 commonly use c-clips, which are harder to remove and reinstall.  E-Clips are easier. One extra is included)
    • 2 dustwashers (one extra included)
    • 40th Anniversary Sticker
    • Seimitsu logo sticker
    • 40th Anniversary box

    Of note, this 40th Anniversary edition LS-32 does not come with a Seimitsu LS-32, LS-38 Subguide.  The subguide helps to direct the actuator for 8 way, 4-way and 2-way movement. This subguide is placed above the main guide.

    Bundle Control Accessories and Performance Mods

    The LS-32-01 is compatible with a wide array of Sanwa balltops and battops, including the Sanwa LB-35 Balltop and Sanwa LB-30 N-S BattopIt also has PCB mounts and quick disconnects allow for easy swapping into a Madcatz SE or TE joystick.  Please bear in mind that as a flat MS plate, some arcade or Fightstick mounts may instead require a Seimitsu SS Mounting Plate for LS-32, LS-38, LS-40.

    You have a number of accessories, maintenance products and performance mods that are compatible with the LS-32:

    Compatible with TE Joystick replacement

    The LS-32-01's S plate mount is compatible with the default mount in a MadCatz TE joystick.  Upon removing the JLF, you will notice the default mounting bracket attached to the TE's metal underside contains screw holes on the outer-most area.  You can use this to attach the LS-32-01.  Please see the video further in the product page for a demonstration.

    You can also purchase the following plates for the LS-32:

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