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Seimitsu LS-38-01 (PCB Type) Joystick with SS Plate and High Tension Spring


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  • Product Description

    Seimitsu's LS series joysticks remain arguably a competitor to the Sanwa JLF series, and the standard among Versus City based arcade setups.  The LS-32 series is one of Seimitsu's most popular models to date.  Increasingly, players with a desire for increased tension control in this model had to do without, until now.

    Higher Tension Spring

    Originally started as an experiement to improve response and return to neutral, Seimitsu had a rather daunting challenge in affecting it's most popular joystick in the market - the Seimitsu LS-32-01 Joystick.  The spring's original diameter of .8mm was increased to 1.0mm, offering a denser spring overall.  This is similar to the 2lb Tension Spring for Sanwa JLF, though subjective feel is 2.5lb.  Overall, those who desire a stiffer equivalent to the LS-32 will find the LS-38 a favorable alternative. 

    Bundle on Control Accessories

    The LS-32 Round Main Guide enables LS-32 joystick fans the same smooth 360-degree control as Sanwa JLF owners enjoy with the JLF GT-O Circle Restrictor Plate Insert.  This main guide replaced the light blue square guide on the Seimitsu LS-32 and LS-32-01 joysticks, and fits below the dark blue subguide.

    The LS-32 Round Main Guide provides works with the default subguide, but for near perfect 360 degree control, you can add the Seimitsu LS-32 Triple Restrictor Plate.  This allows the actuator to easily hit the switches, affording the best control you can get with the round main-guide.

    Compatible with Sanwa accessories, TE Joystick replacement

    Compatible with a wide array of Sanwa and Seimitsu balltops and battops, the Seimitsu LS-38-01 comes with an adjustable restrictor plate for 2, 4, or 8-way operation.  It also has PCB mounts and quick disconnects allow for easy swapping into a Madcatz SE or TE joystick.

    SS Mounting Plate, Black Balltop Included

    All Seimitsu LS-38-01 joysticks now come with the SS mounting plate for easy installation into a Madcatz TE configuration. The LS-38-01's S plate mount is compatible with the default mount in a MadCatz TE joystick.  Upon removing the JLF, you will notice the default mounting bracket attached to the TE's metal underside contains screw holes on the outer-most area.  You can use this to attach the LS-38-01.

  • Product Reviews


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    1. Very stiff

      Too stiff for my taste had to switch back to stock spring but Its exactly as described perfect if you want a high tension spring on Jan 12th 2018

    2. A really stiff stick!

      I ordered the LS-38-1 knowing it would be pretty stiff. Once I got it installed into my HORI VLX V I was really surprised at HOW stiff it was. It really tired me out but I liked the feeling. It forced me to not "ride the gate" all the time. While playing King of Fighters 14, I got quicker inputs than I did on the Hori Hyabusa stick. I always thought the Sanwa JLF and HORI Hyabusa were a little looser than I wanted but I had never tried anything else until now.

      Unfortunately, I have a wrist injury and the tension was too much for me personally. However, this was easily fixed by installing an LS-32 spring. Now, I have the quick inputs and an easier time entering them.
      on Oct 27th 2016

    3. ls-32 with shorter shaft and stiffer spring

      It's basically an ls-32 with some slight modifications but I personally like it just a tiny bit better. It allows the stick to return to neutral faster making quick successive dashes easier in fighting games. It will wear out your hand a little faster since there's more resistance but you'll quickly adjust. on Mar 30th 2016

    4. Mounting plate did not quite fit

      i had to unscrew the mount and rotate it to fit my te stick. and even then i could only get 2 screws on. but it seems pretty sturdy with those 2. on Feb 5th 2016

    5. LS32 with a stiffer spring

      LS32 has been my preferred stick for the kind of games I play. While the LS38 isnt anything ground breaking, just a LS32 with a stiffer spring. It feels really great. Made performing 360/720's much easier. I sometime switched from LS32 to LS56 for the extra resistance for games like MVC2 and 3S, but the LS38 fits all my needs. Hope they sell the LS38 spring so i can upgrade my LS32's. on Feb 1st 2016

    6. Very good joystick, not just for fighting or shoot-em-up games

      I tested this joystick, and the stiffness is better compared to the LS-32 (don't have that one).

      However, after I save up enough money, then I'll go get the arcade stick case online.
      on Jan 26th 2016

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