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Seimitsu LS-62-01 (PCB Type) Joystick with SS Plate

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  • Product Description

    The compact Seimitsu LS series has seen a number of variations, from the LS-56, 58 with softer spring, LS-60 with even softer spring, and now the LS-62.  The LS-62-01 takes a bit of a departure from the incremental updates, sporting a number of features that LS-32 and short throw distance fans will appreciate.   

    Best of Both Worlds

    The LS-62-01 has the following characteristics

    How does it Feel?

    A longtime Seimitsu joystick user SRK's PresidentCamacho, new-window-icon.png shared his thoughts on the newer model:

    First thing, the shaft is very short, noticably more so than the 56 in my panzer with 1/4" spacer block, despite using an s plate. The spring is definitely lighter than the 56, feels like a bit more resistance than I remember from the 58 spring though - probably due more to the fact that the shorter shaft gives less leverage than the 56/58/60 shaft.

    One other difference I noticed was that the single direction pivot jump doesn't feel like as much of a bump as it is in my 56 levers. Without doing any real measurements, the throw feels maybe a wee bit shorter than the 56, again likely due more to the shorter shaft than anything else. I also installed kowal's short throw mod after using it stock for a while, it did what it was supposed to (reduce throw without hampering diagonals), and I will probably leave it in place.

    Compatible with Seimitsu LB-35 balltops, LB-39 bubbletops, KOWAL LS.ST Short Throw Distance Mod 

    The shorter and thicker shaft limits customization with shaft and dustwasher, however solid color LB-35 bubbletops, and translucent LB-39 bubbletops are still compatible.

    The LS-56 style body of the LS-62-01allows for compatibility with the KOWAL LS.ST Short Throw Mod.  You'll want to see how the stock joystick feels before considering this performance mod.

    What's Included?

    • Solid Black LB-35 balltop and dustwasher (note the LS-40 or LS-56 dustwashers are not compatible)
    • SS Plate
    • Octagonal restrictor plate

    We also carry the Seimitsu VF Plate, which is often used in Hori joystick configurations, plus the flat and SS P=40 plate.  The P=40 is considered one of Seimitsu's most versatile plates.  The P=40 plate mounts on practically any "universal" mounting spot (HRAP 3 SA/SE or HRAP V3/VX SA) as well as seemingly "JLF-only" HRAP 3's and licensed HRAP's like the Arcana Heart 2 joystick (Thanks to SRK's GeorgeC for the explanation).

    Also available are the Kowal Converter series Flat and Japan S Plate, for compatibility with a number of arcade cabinets and Fightsticks.

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    1. Perfect joystick

      I used the LS-56 before and decided to get the LS-62 to test and to my surprise the joystick proved very accurate and solid, it comes with an octagonal restrictor by default and a short shaft reminiscent of the LS-32, for having a short shaft I decided to use battop instead balltop and the joystick was perfect.

      It's a very precise joystick, no need any mods, perfect for old and new fighting games.
      on Feb 12th 2023

    2. It Truly Is A Great Joystick And Everything But It's Not To My Liking.

      I bought this Seimitsu LS-62-01 joystick mainly because it comes with a short thick shaft but unlike the Hori Hayabusa and Sanwa, I made the mistake of automatically assuming that I would be able to buy springs of various tension to increase the stiffness of the stick. How wrong I was. Unfortunately, the stick is a bit too loose for my Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting. I think I will stick with my Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT and 3 lbf spring for now. Because Arcade Shock sells EX Springs of various tension for Seimitsu LS-32, LS-38 and LS-40 joysticks, I'm seriously thinking of buying a Seimitsu LS-32-01 joystick for my next purchase. I love trying out new ways to upgrade my Hori RAP4. Trying out a LS-32-01 with 4 sets of springs of various tension may make for an interesting side experiment to see which joystick I feel most comfortable with. Yep! :-) on Feb 25th 2022

    3. WARNING: You will not be able to blame your fight stick anymore

      This stick is so precise, so solid, that you have no more excuses anymore. Any combos you drop are now on you. You can't blame it on this joystick. Playing Tekken? Did you misinput that EWGF? Don't you dare blame this joystick, that's on you now. Did you drop that B&B? No longer your stick, it's on you. Mistime that jump? I think you get the idea.

      I had the Hori Hayabusa before, and I sucked at anything I did. I spent hours in training mode, trying to perfect inputs, clean up my combos, and lab out my game plan, but when I actually get into a match I'm hopelessly tripping over all my inputs. I put in a heavier spring, an octagonal gate, new actuator, and while they helped, the problem was still there. I gave up on the Hori and got this guy.

      I have the Hori RAP 4 Kai, installation took 10 minutes. Philips and flathead screwdriver and a small bowl for screws. Pop out the Hori, pop in the Seimitsu. No soldering, no drilling, simple bolt on performance upgrade.

      Now, I go into training mode and my inputs are clean: and I mean flawless. I have a bit of a... less than gentle grip when using a stick, and now I don't get wiggles like I did with the hayabusa. (you can get them if you try, but you have to LITERALLY slap it as if it insulted your mother)

      In a match, I still drop my combos like a scrub, but I can't blame it on the hardware anymore. For my usage, this stick is perfect in every way. I have to own my mistakes now. I don't feel like I have to swap back to pad to stop feeling handicapped by a stick; I just have to get better.
      on Jun 24th 2020

    4. Flippin Awesome!

      So I run through joysticks pretty frequently and I can see merit in a lot of the ones that are available today but this one really is the best of the seimitsu offerings in my opinion. It has slightly more tension than ls-32 with a much shorter shaft. It honestly feels like the ls-56 although the specs says it has less tension. Very smooth and doesn't have that weird lift that other seimitsu shafts have when you put pressure against the edges (they rise a little when pressed too much on any side). This is my current joystick of choice after just a couple uses. on Oct 3rd 2017

    5. AMAZING is the word to define this joystick

      I has a hayabusa with kowal octagonal gate... works fine for a while... but after 3 weeks on SFV i realize the my command rate is too bad for a old fighter from the 80's.

      Then after research about sanwa and seimitsu models and mods i decide give the LS-62-01 a shoot....... BANG! Much more responsive and accurate commands, lower throw distance and the size of the handle make ALL the difference.

      Thanks focusattack for this excellent product!
      on Dec 3rd 2016

    6. Top Notch Stick

      Pros - The LS-62 has a very short throw making it ideal for Shmups and especially Bullet Hell Shooters. The Short Throw mod makes the distance even more ideal for quick tight movements needed for the more intense shooters like Ikaruga and the like. As for fighting games I personally felt that the LS-62 worked beautifully for Tekken but will definitely take some practice executing Street Fighter or King of Fighters as it is somewhat easy to "over do" the inputs but with practice this would not be a problem and would most likely speed up your inputs.

      Cons - The only downside to the LS-62 is the shortness of the shaft, as it can be difficult or even somewhat irritating for a person that has a larger hand and grips the stick like a wine glass. Keep in mind that the shortness of the shaft can also be seen as a pro as it helps to further shorten the throw of the LS-62.

      Overall this is a great stick that you will not be disappointed with. If you are a SF or KOF player you might need some extra practice sessions to get a feel for it but once you do it will most likely make your inputs faster, if you are a Tekken or Shmup player you will fall in love with this stick. If you have large hands and like to grip the stick like a wine glass it make be slightly uncomfortable.
      on Oct 5th 2016

    7. Fantastic

      This little guy is my new favorite. For me there was no need to mod anything in order to get the feel I wanted from it. Just make sure you can mount this with in an S plate or that your top panel is not too thick. on May 25th 2016

    8. One of the best investment I've done to my fighting stick

      I have to say that switching from the Sanwa JLF to the LS-62-01 was probably one of the best investment I've done to my fighting stick. At first I used the stick dead stock and I noticed a positive difference when I perform basic motions like qcfs, qcbs, and dp. After using the Kowal Short Throw mod things got even better. I'd say I reduced missed inputs significantly and now can execute the inputs more frequently. Don't hesitate on getting this. on May 18th 2016

    9. She's : Short / Fat & Tight from Japan !!!

      The All New Seimitsu LS-62-01 Is - The Love Child Of A : LS-32 & LS-56 !!! The Out Come, Makes For A : Short / Fat Shaft With A Tighter Spring...
      Given You Get : The Cable / Ball Top / SS Plate & An Octagonal Gate, In Parts Alone This Makes For Real Buy...
      The Stick Offers Preceice Movements...
      on Apr 8th 2016

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