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Seimitsu LS-62-01 (PCB Type) Joystick with SS Plate

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    The compact Seimitsu LS series has seen a number of variations, from the LS-56, 58 with softer spring, LS-60 with even softer spring, and now the LS-62.  The LS-62-01 takes a bit of a departure from the incremental updates, sporting a number of features that LS-32 and short throw distance fans will appreciate.   

    Best of Both Worlds

    The LS-62-01 has the following characteristics

    How does it Feel?

    A longtime Seimitsu joystick user SRK's PresidentCamacho, new-window-icon.png shared his thoughts on the newer model:

    First thing, the shaft is very short, noticably more so than the 56 in my panzer with 1/4" spacer block, despite using an s plate. The spring is definitely lighter than the 56, feels like a bit more resistance than I remember from the 58 spring though - probably due more to the fact that the shorter shaft gives less leverage than the 56/58/60 shaft.

    One other difference I noticed was that the single direction pivot jump doesn't feel like as much of a bump as it is in my 56 levers. Without doing any real measurements, the throw feels maybe a wee bit shorter than the 56, again likely due more to the shorter shaft than anything else. I also installed kowal's short throw mod after using it stock for a while, it did what it was supposed to (reduce throw without hampering diagonals), and I will probably leave it in place.

    Compatble with Seimtsu LB-35 balltops, LB-39 bubbletops, KOWAL LS.ST Short Throw Distance Mod 

    The shorter and thicker shaft limits customization with shaft and dustwasher, however solid color LB-35 bubbletops, and translucent LB-39 bubbletops are still compatible.

    The LS-56 style body of the LS-62-01allows for compatibility with the KOWAL LS.ST Short Throw Mod.  You'll want to see how the stock joystick feels before considering this performance mod.

    What's Included?

    • 5-Pin harness
    • Solid Black LB-35 balltop and dustwasher (note the LS-40 or LS-56 dustwashers are not compatible)
    • SS Plate
    • Octagonal restrictor plate

    We also carry the Seimitsu VF Plate, which is often used in Hori joystick configurations, plus the flat and SS P=40 plate.  The P=40 is considered one of Seimitsu's most versatile plates.  The P=40 plate mounts on practically any "universal" mounting spot (HRAP 3 SA/SE or HRAP V3/VX SA) as well as seemingly "JLF-only" HRAP 3's and licensed HRAP's like the Arcana Heart 2 joystick (Thanks to SRK's GeorgeC for the explanation).

    Also available are the Kowal Converter series Flat and Japan S Plate, for compatibility with a number of arcade cabinets and Fightsticks.

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