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Shin-Etsu G-40M Silicone Grease (100g)

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    Considered the standard lubricating solution for Sanwa joysticks, Shin-Etsu G-40M  silicone grease gives new life to aging Sanwa and Seimitsu joysticks that may feel sluggish over long periods of use.  This is the exact same grease you see in the Sanwa catalog, and imported from Japan.  Available in 100 gram tube (3.5 ounces).


    The Shin-Etsu grease is applied into the Sanwa joystick body and under the Sanwa JLF-P-4 Pivot Cylinder.  The grease lubricates the cylinder, which in turn allows the joystick to move more freely.

    Long lasting tube

    Depending on the quantity of joysticks your need to service, a 100 gram tube should last a very long time.  Only a small amount of grease is needed.

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    1. Joy Stick Elbow Grease

      My Xbox One Controller has been squeaking for 4 months and was getting more stiff over time (controller is particular new and not eligible for refund**Halo Controller**). I dissembled the controller and the left stick barely had any grease what so ever. I carefully applied with a very thin flat head screwdriver to wedge grease into the mechanical part of the joystick. Rotated the Joystick to work in the grease. Now the left Joystick is working brand new again. It's been a few weeks after applications. No sticking nor short circuits to interrupt its offset. This product save my controller. Thank you Focus Attack for this AWESOME product from Japan, the Heart of Video Games. Will buy again. on Oct 15th 2019

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