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Suzo Happ 45mm Bubbletop: Clear

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    Suzo Happ isn't widely known for developing bubbletop-based peripherals, but the company has indeed created a versatile, slightly larger than standard bubbletop that you can use with the balltop shaft Super Joystick, or install onto Sanwa and Seimitsu joysticks.

    For Larger Hands, Compatible with Sanwa and Seimitsu models

    At 45mm, these attractive bubbletops are designed for the larger hand that tends to cramp on the smaller 35mm Sanwa and Seimitsu balltops.  Yet they remain relatively lightweight.

    Each balltop was designed with compatibility for Sanwa and Seimitsu's joystick shafts in mind, with threading matching these products.  In addition to the Happ Super Joystick with balltop shaft attachment, you can install these larger balltops onto a Sanwa JLF or Seimitsu LS-32, LS-38, or LS-56 series joystick.

    Available in Four Colors

    You can choose from Clear, Blue, Pink and Yellow translucent bubbletops. More colors may appear over time.

    Bundle with the Super Joystick and Save

    If you are planning to purchase this balltop with the Suzo Happ Super Joystick with balltop shaft attachment, you can save when bundling together.  Select your color balltop when purchasing your joystick.

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    1. LOVE this ball top!

      This ball top has been a number things for me. I have large hands and sometimes my hands would cramp on the 35 mm ball top. This 45 mm is not only more comfortable, but my precision has gone up tremendously. My inputs are a lot cleaner and I just play better because of the comfort and precision.

      In addition to that it's sad that Suzo Happ does not make more Bal tubs because this thing is one of the nicest bubble tops I've ever had. Very large and very clear bubbles, the clear version looks great. It's far higher-quality in my opinion then submit Seimitsu's LB-39 even though they are similar.

      Overall I'm very happy with it and I actually ordered three more 45mm tops. It would be perfect if I could somehow find a metal 45 mm. I think I might actually make my own. Over all though, I highly recommend this ball top.
      on Feb 5th 2019

    2. Finally!

      I always hated balltops because it felt uncomfortable. I switched to battop because I gained the grip I desired, but my execution was not as good in games like Tekken compared to balltop; but this is the best of both worlds. I gained my grip and execution. I reccommend a 1.5 spring to retain good tension due to its size. You have to try it if you have a love/hate relationship with standard balltops. on Nov 3rd 2016

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