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Ultimarc J-PAC (2015) PC to JAMMA Pushbutton and Joystick Interface PCB

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    If you already invested in a perfectly good condition JAMMA arcade cabinet, you may desire to expand its capabilities to a PC MAME-powered multicade.  Ultimarc makes it possible, and easy to do.

    The Ultimarc J-PAC (JAMMA interface for Pc to Arcade Controls) smartly interfaces with a  standard JAMMA arcade cabinet, allowing you to connect a VGA card and PS/2 or USB port from a PC motherboard.

    I-PAC control, JAMMA Interface

    The J-PAC incorporates all the advanced features of the Ultimarc I-PAC series PCB, which facilitates the connection between arcade controls to a PS/2 and USB port on a computer.  The JPAC contains several JAMMA specific benefits, such as monitor sync rate control, video amplifier boost, and ability to convert a 31Khz signal to 15Khz temporarily for configuration purposes.

    Additional Information

    To ease installation, plus help you make the most of your J-PAC, Ultimarc provides helpful documentation on their website (links open a new window):

    Installation | J-Pac F.A.Q


    • Current version has inputs fully protected against static discharge and reverse connection; now supports 3 extra JAMMA connections (Tilt, Service SW  and Test)
    • Now supports 12 volt coin doors.
    •  Fully programmable key code set. Stored even after power off, similar to IPAC-2 and IPAC-4.
    •  Dual interface USB or Keyboard.
    • Supports I-PAC optional pre-assembled LED harness with 3 panel mounting LEDs which emulate the keyboard Lights.
    • Lead plugs into keyboard socket on PC or USB port.
    • Self-Test LED gives an instant check of all your wiring. Can indicate which, if any, input has a problem.
    • No separate power needed.
    • Does not use a matrix - no ghost keys. All inputs are completely separate and generate their own interrupt - this is the fastest possible method.
    • Does not use a scanning method which causes a variable delay.
    • Either uses standard MAME keys or you can program your own character set.
    • Shift functions. Holding "Start1" and pressing other buttons sends a range of codes for MAME functions such as "escape", "Coin 1", "tab", "enter". This means no extra buttons are needed on the cabinet. In programmable mode any input can be the shift key and all keys can be programmed with a shifted code.
    • Connector for ordinary keyboard which can be used together with the controls if required.
    • No special drivers needed. USB drivers are generic Windows.
    • All control inputs which are part of a normal JAMMA standard are routed to an on-board JAMMA edge connector.
    • Connector for VGA input from PC VGA card. Routes through to JAMMA edge connector for connection to the cabinet arcade monitor.
    • On-board video amplifier boosts signal to standard arcade monitor levels. Uses high-bandwidth video amplifier chip.
    • Custom microcontroller only allows sync signals to be sent to the monitor if they are in the correct range that the monitor is designed for. Avoids driving the monitor with a too-high horizontal sync rate which can damage some arcade monitors.
    • Sync circuitry also converts separate horizontal and vertical syncs into composite sync. Can handle both positive and negative vertical sync.
    • If required, can divide a 31Khz VGA signal in half so that it will display a stable picture on a 15Khz arcade monitor. Useful for checking boot-up progress and configuration (not for application use). Automatically stops dividing the signal when it detects a correct 15Khz rate is being send by the PC.
    • JAMMA cabinet speaker routed to screw connectors for wiring to powered sound card or hacked PC speakers.

    (Feature list provided by Ultimarc


    J-PAC is not designed to be used in revenue-earning applications where a credit mechanism is used. The J-PAC contains no specific interface functionality for any credit device. Although it has inputs which connect to the JAMMA coin signals, these are designed such that activating a switch connected to them causes the MAME "coin" keycodes (5 or 6) to be sent. These are designed to be used with panel pushbuttons not coin doors or note acceptors. 

    (Notice provided by Ultimarc)

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    Just a little tutorial by request...
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