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Waldom W-HT-1921-P Universal Solderless Terminal Crimping Tool and Bolt Cutter

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    The Waldom W-HT-1921-P Universal Solderless Terminal Crimping Tool and Bolt Cutter is many tools in one: Crimper, wire cutter, wire stripper, and bolt cutter.   


    First, it is designed to crimp both open and closed barrel terminals. It will crimp various terminals for .62" (15.748mm) and .93" (23.62mm) pin diameter terminals for nylon pin and socket connections.  It also crimps terminals for .100" (2.54mm) and .156" (3.96mm) center housings.

    Crimps the following terminals:

    • .062” Pin Diameter Terminals
    • .093” Pin Diameter Terminals
    • Mini KK Terminals for .100” Center KK Housings
    • Standard KK Crimp Terminals for .156” Center KK Housings
    • Series #1433/1434
    • Series #1560/1561
    • Series #1854/1855
    • Series #2759
    • Series #2578

    Bolt Cutter

    The tool can cut bolts of up to 5 bolt and thread sizes:

    • #4-40 (0.11" | 2.79mm | 7/64" diameter)
    • #6-32 (.13" | 3.30mm | 9/64" diameter)
    • #8-32 (.16" | 4.06mm | 5/32" diameter)
    • #10-32, #10-24 (.19" | 4.82mm | 3/16" diameter)


    The Waldom W-HT-1921 is housed in plastic packaging with paper cardboard backing.  Written and visual crimping instructions are provided on back.

    Thanks to 801 Mods' Lemony Vengeance for the product suggestion!

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    1. GET SOMETHING ELSE. dont get this for stripping wires

      i shoulda read the reviews, this thing straight up will not work for stripping standard wires youd use for fighstick buttons. GET SOMETHING ELSE on May 18th 2020

    2. Not suitable to strip 22 AWG wires

      Update by FA: Thanks for your review. We are working with Lemony Vengeance on your report, as he has used the product on varying wire AWG.
      Despite what it claims, I had a very difficult time stripping the commonly used 22 AWG wires and it did not leave a clean cut. Use a different wire stripper that will work on 22 AWG wires.
      on Oct 15th 2018

    3. I don't recommend this product.

      Though cost effective, the grips on mine slip very loose while crimping. I did some more research and got the Hozan P-707 as a replacement. on Jul 26th 2016

    4. Handy tool for crimping Quick Disconnects with a catch

      I picked this up while ordering a bunch of fresh wire and open barrel quick disconnect terminals as a way to create some custom wiring for my arcade stick. While I'm satisfied with the tool for crimping the quick disconnects and the wire cutting, I'm unhappy with the wire stripping experience. The smallest hole this tool has for stripping is for 20 AWG wire. With 22 AWG wire, it was very difficult to get quick, clean strips. I ended up having to use another wire stripping tool in tandem to do what I needed. on Apr 29th 2016

    5. Affordable crimp tool for KK-style molex contacts

      Unfortunately, his tool showed up in stock right after I had made a purchase from FocusAttack, so I didn't get a chance to buy it immediately. I wish I had, because I was attempting to "crimp" these small KK-style Molex contacts to the ends of wires that interfaces with the joystick and buttons in my custom fightstick. I chose the Molex connectors because I wanted to have something semi-permanent, but that could easily be disconnected from one microcontroller and connected to a different one (going between development of an Arduino Leonardo based PC game controller and a Teensy-LC based version).

      For the first set of connectors, I crimped nearly 20 contacts using my fingers and a pair of needle-nose pliers. My fingers were almost bloody by the time I was done. Now that I have this tool, I can attach a connector to the end of some bare wires 10 times faster, and all without my fingers ending up in screaming pain.

      The main reason I was doing this by hand in the first place is because the cheapest tools that can be found to crimp these contacts cost $50. There is one other ratcheting tool that can probably also crimp them for $35, but I'm not sure I would trust it can do so from the product pictures. For $15, this was a safe shot in the dark (it was worth $15 just for the wire cutter/bolt cutter/wire stripper functionality even if it didn't work for crimping the contacts), and in the end it worked perfectly!
      on Sep 5th 2015

    6. A cost effective solution for open barrel pins/terminals

      This Crimper got me through the very beginning phase of arcade harness making for Candy cabinets, and at the price that FA is selling them for (less than other part providers) this is a smoking deal. I've used all the features of this at one point in time, and even though I own a Hozan 706 crimper, I still use this on a regular basis.

      This will work with just about all open barrel pins, even some of the smaller JST series pins (including H series). If you go smaller than that, you'll have some difficulty, but if you crimp smaller pins than the H series on a regular basis, you'll already have a more precise crimper :D

      AWESOME for basic stuff, Great for more difficult things, harder to work with for tiny things.
      on Aug 13th 2015

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