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Pre-Order the Brook PS3/PS4 to Dreamcast converter and get FREE USA Shipping!

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Pre-Order the Brook PS3/PS4 to Sega Dreamcast Super Converter


Brook - makers of the ever-popular Super Converter family, returns with a much-requested device for avid fans of the Sega Dreamcast!

Pre-Order the Brook PS3/PS4 to Sega Dreamcast Super Converter

The Dreamcast, Sega's final push into the home entertainment console market, marked one of the highlights of the company's history before bowing out of the console race, later offering multi-platform software. The console's software lineup was top-notch, with Capcom as one of their most ardent supporters since the Sega Saturn. This support led to the appearance of some of the FGC's most played titles in a format deemed true to arcade, such as Marvel vs Capcom 2, and Capcom vs SNK 2.

The Brook PS3/PS4 Dreamcast Super Converter has several convenient features to improve the control experience.

  • Accepts FightSticks, wired and wireless Playstation 3/4 gamepads, and amongst other original and 3rd party PS3 and PS4 compatible peripherals.
  • Supports mapping a single or combination of buttons to a Turbo function for rapid fire play.
  • Ability to hot-swap peripherals without unplugging the device from the console.
  • Vibration and Turbo support.
  • Mappable buttons from peripheral to Dreamcast control
  • X-Input support

Please note that this device does not offer native Dreamcast VMU support. You cannot save Dreamcast game data to this device.

Ships Free within USA!

Pre-order now through May 31, 2018 and get free shipping within domestic USA. 

Exceptions include Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Pre-Order the Brook PS3/PS4 to Sega Dreamcast Super Converter

Pre-Order Now

The Brook PS3/PS4 Dreamcast Super Converter is scheduled to launch by May 31 or sooner.  We will ship as soon as the product is received from the manufacturer.  Pre-order one or perhaps up to 4 devices to play some of Sega's best arcade and fighting titles from yesteryear!

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