Tickets to marked as spam. Customer service working to address older tickets

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Recently, we have received reports from customers who sent emails to only to receive no response for more than 24 business hours. 

Upon investigation, we learned that tickets sent to this email address were getting filtered as spam by Zendesk - our customer support system.  Unfortunately dozens of tickets including order edits and cancels were filtered as spam and suspended, to which our customer support team did not immediately see them.

It appears that this began June 23 and has persisted to this day.

Customer support is currently working through most recent to older tickets.  We are doing this as some customers who posted older tickets have used other means to contact us.

In the meantime, should you have an order question, please send a message to  Our staff will be monitoring our spam area should new tickets arrive there, and are working with Zendesk to troubleshoot.

My apologies to anyone affected with this issue. We attempt to address all new tickets within 24 business hours. This is the main explanation behind delays in the past week if you sent us a message, but did not hear back.


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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