Fulfillment catch-up progress for the week of April 12.


Order Queue: An Explanation and Status

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Order Surge upon Restock

We've received a number of inquiries regarding the status of orders placed late last week and this week. This message is to explain where we are for recent orders placed over the week.

As of April 12, staff are working through four days of order surges due to a recent restock. Order fulfillment may take an extra day or two to process new orders.

Custom Order Queue Now Stable

We've begin April custom orders and have updated our turnaround time to deal with a consistently large daily order queue for custom artwork and plexi. 

In the next few weeks, we are implementing a daily "slot" queue for custom orders.  This means that we will accept a specific number of custom order requests as "slots". For example, an order containing a combination of artwork, plexi, dustwasher or other custom item request will consist of a single slot.  Once those slots are full, we will temporarily disable requests for the remainder of the day, and re-open the following day.  Details of this process will be made as we move closer to completion of this feature.

We are doing this to address the order surges that create bottlenecks in both custom and non-custom order fulfillment. We anticipate that the "slots" initiative will activate only during extreme cases, such as weather-related events that prevent staff from visiting the office, or long maintenance or repairs to the printing or laser machines.  

I thank you for your patience as we continue working to close the gap in order placement and fulfillment.   

What Does Queue Capacity or Job Capacity Mean?

Sample order capacity indicator

In each product listing next to its photo is a visual bar depicting the order queue, along with and processing estimate in business days. Business days are Monday - Friday.  Staff will not ship orders on weekends and  national holidays where US Postal Service is off-duty.  

General Orders

Orders that do not contain custom artwork or BNB FIghtstick are considered "General",  Staff often attempt to process these orders within 1-2 business days. However, this processing time can increase due to several factors.  Of them are:

  • Sale events
  • Weather that reduces or eliminates staff availability
  • National holidays that shorten the work week

Custom Orders (Artwork, Plexi)

We normally ask for a minimum of 7-10 business days to process orders. As shown in the Job Capacity indicator, this may be longer depending on the queue of custom orders.  If you already have a custom order placed, you can check its status via the  Custom Job Tracker.

BNB Fightstick Enclosures

BNB Fightsticks is an all-acrylic enclosure that is made in-house and on-demand. We ask for 7-10 business days to process these orders, but can take longer if demand is high.

Why Does FA Have This?

These visual indicators were designed for two reasons: 1. To set expectations. 2. Grab the customer's attention.

Setting Fulfillment Expectations has created unrealistic assumptions among customers who shop at smaller e-commerce businesses.  We simply cannot offer the same processing or shipping transit speed as the massive retail corporation.

The most common question we get after an order is placed is "when will my order ship?". These indicators provide information about our order queue BEFORE you decide to purchase.

Getting Your Attention

People often gloss over text - they don't pay attention to it.  A visual gauge is often simpler to understand. 

Thanks for Your Support

I hope that the queue indicator can help you make worthwhile decisions about shopping with FA. We are thankful for your business and do our best to process orders quickly.


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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