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The first time I played Street Fighter II - the monumental sequel to Capcom's 1987 game "Street Fighter" - was in the Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom arcade in Dorneyville, Pennsylvania back in 1991. Next to Capcom's Final Fight, no one had seen graphics so sharp and polished before, nor the powerful sound effects and voices that defined it. Each of Street Fighter II's characters were large, colorful and memorable, with distinct appeal that compelled you to choose a favorite (mine was Chun Li back then).

Capcom's now timeless formula for fighting game-play was first felt in Street Fighter II. A slight pause in animation upon each hit made each fierce punch and kick feel crisp. The subtlety and timing of canceling a frame animation sequence to start the next one resulted in an unavoidable hit. It was the birth of "combos" in fighting games.

One could argue that it Street Fighter II represented the first time players would not only watch others play with absolute fascination, but to actually "quarter up". It was a makeshift honor system that held your place in line to play, and in many cases, demonstrated the best skilled player. The phrase, "I play next" among players became as common "Round 1...Fight!" from the game announcer. No longer was it just fun to play a game; Street Fighter II became a competition.

Never has a video game created, defined, revolutionized an era of 1990's gaming. Street Fighter became one of the biggest selling arcade and home console games in history. Its popularity was near stratospheric, spawning countless clones eager to emulate or improve the game's formula. The characters themselves became icons - very few back then didn't know the names "Ryu", "Ken", "Chun-Li", "Dhalsim", "Guile", "Blanka" or "Zangief". We all celebrated the fighting game era, becoming passionate gamers and for some, professional competitors. Capcom's Street Fighter series changed the life of many.

Fighting games themselves enjoyed a golden age in the 90's. To many, however, it was an age that came and went. But therein lies the appeal of Street Fighter and many of Capcom's fighting games. Its extensive game play and iconic characters possess a sophisticated formula that very few fighting games could match. It is a formula that would spawn a tight-knit community worldwide that was fit to endure the fall and subsequent rise of fighting games we now enjoy today.

So what is FA?

FA, or, is an ever-growing arcade parts e-commerce shop and community platform for console-based fighting and home arcade enthusiasts around the world. First established in 2010, our main focus is to provide both joystick building and customization solutions for you.  Full joysticks, joystick cases, buttons, electrical wiring, PCBs, and other necessities are combined with unique items made for players by players in the FGC and arcade entertainment market.

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  • Competitive prices on arcade entertainment, console solutions, and services - We may not have everything the older and bigger guys do, but we strive to offer the best prices on them, and the list keeps growing.
  • Helpful, quick customer service - We often say that customer service is our highest priority, and mostly positive testimonials new-window-icon.png from customers over the years show that we mean it. No one likes to wait; we attempt to respond within 24 hours during business days, and as questions come up over the weekend, we do our best to address them as well.

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    Need some help with a project, or having issues with your hardware?  You don't have to be a prior customer.  Simply drop by our growing knowledgebase at new-window-icon.png, or send us an email at and we'll try to assist.
  • Order fulfillment is fast - We usually ship within 1-2 business days of your order, or often within 24 hours!
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  • Unique items from the community - we try to work with designers and developers on a number of products made for players, by players!
  • Contests and giveaways - we often offer our products, or other goodies as great contest prizes for players around the world!
  • Sponsoring events in your community - is giving to the tournaments you attend with prize sponsorships, adding to the winner's pot, and participating in other community related events

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