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10 Connection 22 AWG .110" Ground Daisy Chain Wire

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    Signal wire connects from your button to your joystick controller to your PCB.  A ground wire accompanies it to regulate electricity so you or another sourcce doesn't become part of the conduction.  Unlike signal wires which must be separated to reflect the exact button being pressed, ground wires can be daisy-chained together.  This solution is now available as a 22 AWG 10-connection wire.

    Each connection point contains a .110 quick disconnect and nylon sleeve.  You can trim the wire to manage a 6 or 8 button connection, or if close enough, keep intact to handle 2 additional buttons such as start/guide or turbo.

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    1. Absolute Necessity

      If you've ever struggled with a crummy screw terminal PCB with four ground slots for upwards of twelve buttons, this product will solve all your woes, grounding ten (10) buttons using one (1) wire, saving you the frustration of having to stuff the ends of four wires into one terminal.
      on Oct 15th 2020

    2. 4 bucks to save an hour.

      I actually bought this product after screwing and not realizing that the brook PCB I was using only had a couple grounds and I would need to connect multiple buttons to the ground. Started finagling with some wire and solder to basically do this myself and luckily realized it wasn't worth the hassle. 4 dollars and just 2 days later I popped this bad boy in and bam, my stick was working like a dream. Just get it, the reduced hassle is worth it. on Jul 3rd 2019

    3. A must

      This cable makes wiring so much easier and simple on Dec 11th 2017

    4. Good for typical layouts

      Plenty of length between game play buttons (could do with less even) but would have appreciated a longer 2nd last segment to stretch over to my Start & Select on a different panel. on Feb 28th 2017

    5. Daisy Chain no-brainer

      Wired all my buttons, and the start/select buttons as well. Love the quick connects. Minus one star because I just wish the distance from connect to connect (button to button) was shorter. I have a ton of slack between all pairs of buttons. on Nov 21st 2016

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