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What is the Daily Order Slot?

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Pleworks Artwork Temporarily Switching to Alternative Printer.

While our main printer undergoes repairs to its LED UV lamp and coolant system, current and new orders will be printed on our alternative Roland printer through September 10.  

During this time, artwork will be printed on professional grade 10 mil Endura Poster 225 semigloss paper, rated at 95% brightness and tensile strength of 60 pounds per inch. Each is also printed at the highest resolution possible, using a 7-color professional Roland plotter. The paper is thinner than our 100lb cardstock, but still offers vivid, professional-quality artwork replication. The printer is capable of resolution of 1400dpi (dots per inch), and 7 color ink system (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, plus Light Cyan, Light Magenta, and White) reproduces artwork over a wide color range.

We have updated our store listings temporarily to represent the changes, so new customers are aware of the different printing paper and machine.

That said, should you have concerns about your order printing on an alternative printer, please contact and please mention your order ID.

BNB will remain on a limited slot counter as we work on optimizing the processing and storage of pre-made pieces for internal customization.

Sample app counter

The Daily Order Slot App keeps track of how many orders were placed for specific items, such as custom artwork and plexi, and counts down to zero. Once the counter is zero, those products are unavailable for sale for the remainder of the day.  Within a few minutes after midnight (12:30am US EST), in-stock products are available for purchase again.

Why Do You Need to Limit Custom Orders?

We developed this system to regulate how many custom orders come in after an extreme shortfall. Such shortfalls include:

  • Printer or other machine failure that prevents us from fulfilling custom orders for several days or weeks.
  • Weather events that hinder staff from visiting the Warehouse.
  • Staff adjustments in case one or more members is sick or has a medical emergency.

Custom services require more time to prepare, process and ship than non-custom orders. The printer and laser machines have their own machine time to print and cut each artwork or plexi. Staff must also process these custom requests: transferring them to our internal templates, editing them for production when necessary, and communicating with customers who fail to submit their custom order properly. In short, there are only so many custom orders we can complete in a single day.

Before the limiter, custom orders per day could well exceed what our staff and machines can accomplish over multiple days.  For example, if staff could reasonably complete 25 artworks and plexi per day, without the order slot limiter, we would instead receive 50, 75 or 100 requests each day. This creates an extreme shortfall.

Having no knowledge of backlog created by the shortfall, customers at the end of a long queue may grow impatient as the days pass.

The Daily Slot App prevents the backlog by limiting daily orders to the quantity our staff can reliably pack and ship each day. This allows us to keep turnaround time reasonable; an order placed Monday may instead ship by Friday or sooner the same week instead of 2 or more weeks.

I hope that the Daily Order Slot app addresses many of the concerns caused by backlog.  I recognize that any business should welcome as many orders as it can get. I am certainly thankful for them. This app was made to help our staff work through each day's custom orders within a reasonable timeframe.

If you have any questions about your order status, you can send a note to


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss