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Actuator for Industrias Lorenzo EuroJoystick

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  • Product Description

    Spare parts for joystick can serve as a cost-efficient lifesaver should a single mechanism fail, or part of regular maintenance.  Industrias Lorenzo made available spare parts for the popular EuroJoystick family.

    Compatible with Suzo Happ Competition

    Industrias Lorenzo once manufactured the Suzo Happ family of Competition joysticks.  This provides a convenient means to swap parts with either joystick, such as springs, actuator, e-clip, pivot, and more.  Each spare part was tested to fit in the Suzo Happ Competition, as a request from a customer that wanted to experiment with replacing parts in his Suzo Happ model.

    Spare Part Identification

    Please use the helpful illustration below to identify the spare part listed here: C-03-07136 

    Industrias Lorenzo Euro Joystick Part Breakdown

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    1. Worth It When Combined With Good Micro-switches.

      Combine this purchase with some low-weight Cherry micro-switches and your HAPP stick will be transformed into a thing of wonder and beauty. Seriously. on Jun 19th 2020

    2. They DO make them like they used to

      I had a modern Happ stick that felt very mushy. Turns out the black actuator was softer than the white nylon ones from my older sticks. These actuators are the original style. Don't throw away the new Happ sticks -- just upgrade with this key part. Great to be able to buy just this to rehab old sticks, too. on Apr 25th 2020

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