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ALU Series Aluminum Balltop: Jet Black


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  • Product Description

    The KDiT ALU balltop offers the same attractive anodized aluminum finish of our ALU battops into the popular Japanese style balltop.  The ALU balltop is a bit heavier than the plastic or glass equivalent. You can bundle your order with  a 2lb Tension Spring for Sanwa JLF to manage the extra weight if desired.

    Matches JLF-ALU Shaft Dustwasher Set

    Every color of the KDiT ALU series balltop has the equivalent color of our JLF-ALU Shaft and Dustwasher set.

    Compatible with Sanwa and Seimitsu joysticks

    This balltop fits the Sanwa and Seimitsu line of joysticks that accept 35mm.  That includes our common line of Sanwa JLF joysticks, such as the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT JoystickSanwa JLF-TRG-8YTH.SK Silent Microswitch Joystick, and Seimitsu joysticks.  Note that Seimitsu joysticks have a heavier spring.

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    1. Perfect weight for me

      Love this balltop for snappy feeling inputs.

      A while ago I tried going up to a 4lb spring with my Sanwa joystick hoping it would make my inputs more snappy feeling but found it to actually make things feel far slower because of how much effort motions took. Went down to a 2lb spring and it was better but still not quite right.

      Added this balltop with the 2lb spring and its PERFECT. Snappy and weighty but not slow at all. Like a sword where the center of gravity is just right.

      Texture is also really nice, but the weight is really the selling point for me.
      on Aug 29th 2020

    2. Too heavy, and scuffs way too easily.

      A lot of people said this is good to use with a 2lbs spring, the only thing this does is just makes everything heavier altogether. This ball top without a 2lbs spring just takes way too much wrist power to move. With my Sanwa or similar, it requires no wrist power at all. Without the 2lbs spring, it just will not return to neutral well at all.

      But probably the worst thing, my friend used it with a ring on for about an hour or two, and the entire mid section was completely scratched off. They probably didn't think before making this, but this doesn't happen on literally any other ball top I've used. It was useless from beginning till end, and I only had it for 1 day!

      Most of my friends are competition players, and they all hated how heavy it was. If you want a more "heavy" feeling stick, just get a Seimitsu LS-40, it will make more sense than a heavy ball top Sanwa stick.
      on Dec 26th 2019

    3. Great Top For Heavy Hands

      I combined this with a Phreakmods Link, 2lb Spring, and a octagonal restrictor plate and it all feels great! It feels way heavier than a standard Sanwa stick configuration, which I personally like. I also tried it with the 4lb spring, but that was just a bit too heavy to keep movements accurate. on Aug 20th 2019

    4. Great premium ball top!

      This is a great ball top. It looks and feels "premium". It is a bit heavier than the normal plastic ball tops, so I would recommend a stiffer spring to offset the weight of the ball top and give the stick a better rebound. on Feb 11th 2018

    5. Once you go matte, you can't go back

      This is my 3rd aluminum balltop, got this most recent one to replace my last one which had smoothed out over the course of about 7 months of heavy use. Highly recommended, love that crisp matte feel. on Jul 5th 2017

    6. Solid pruchase

      This is definitely one the best quality products I've bought from the site. I was kind of hesitant at first because I thought the photo made me think the texture would a be a little too rough and course(like a painted metal guard railing); but all the other reviews convinced me to give it a shot. and I'm glad that I did because it has a really solid build and a nice smooth texture that feels great to grip. overall, highly recommended. on Apr 19th 2017

    7. Great feel and weight

      works great with the 2lb spring and the Link. on Apr 18th 2017

    8. Amazingly Solid

      I took the plunge and bought this and I was not disappointed. As soon as I installed it, I immediately fell in love with it. It screams of quality. The only warning that I give is that if you wear a ring, it may scratch it a bit. This is not uncommon. I just take my ring off. I love this product so much that I am buying another just to have a back up around. Get it. on Jan 24th 2017

    9. Fantastic Finish

      Awesome looking balltop with a silky matt finish and no hemisphere seam, but unfortunately a light dimple on the north pole like the plastic tops have - otherwise it would be 5 stars.

      Definitely adds some heft to the stick, so your double-taps will be sluggish without a heavier tensioned spring.
      on Nov 2nd 2016

    10. ALU Series Aluminum Balltop: Jet Black

      Great ball top especially when combined with the 2lb tension spring. For me the overall feel is just a lot nicer than a plastic balltop. Everyone in my local FGC has been asking me about it, Definitely recommend. on Aug 25th 2015

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