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ALU Series Aluminum Battop: Light Blue

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    Available in 10 delicious colors, the KDiT ALU Series aluminum battop is modeled after the high quality Sanwa LB-30 N-S battop.  Fans of the battop now have additional choices to model their Fightstick or Arcade Cabinet.  At 70 grams, the ALU battop is slightly heavier than the plastic equivalent, but still quite manageable.  You can bundle our 2lb Tension Spring for Sanwa JLF to leverage the additional weight.

    Each ALU Series battop comes with a free battop adapter for Sanwa or Seimitsu joysticks that accept 35mm balltops, such as Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT JoystickSanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Joystick, or Seimitsu LS 32 01 Joystick.

    Battop Washer

    Importantly, a metal washer is included to address a manufacturing issue with the ALU battop.  Please see the tab "Battop Fix" for an explanation and install instructions.

    Matches JLF-ALU Shaft Dustwasher Set

    Every color of the KDiT ALU series battop has the equivalent color of our JLF-ALU Shaft and Dustwasher set.

    Battop Fix
    The small metal washer included with each JLF-ALU Battop is designed to address a manufacturing deficiency with the product, which causes the battop to install lower than it should, and decrease movement of the JLF joystick.

    ALU battop issue

    Steps to install:

    Place the metal washer atop the shaft of your JLF joystick.

    Step 1

    Screw your battop adapter atop the washer.

    Step 2

    Screw the battop onto the shaft and battop adapter

    Step 3

    The battop should now move more freely.



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    1. Works great on Arcade 1 Up

      Bought this for the Street Fighter Arcade 1 Up machine. Installed easily, works great. on Jan 16th 2019

    2. Great product to recreate that American arcade feel

      Installed this on my Hayabusa in my HRAP4: Kai. Feel great. Make sure you tighten it down until you hear or feel the included spring washer get flattened down against the level shaft and the handle. Otherwise it will come loose during play. I really am enjoying it. on Mar 19th 2018

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