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Blank Non-Slip Foam Split Pad for Espada

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    Important: Black Foam Pad Textured Appearance Will Vary Due to Friction

    Foam pads are slightly porous, creating a unique texture that when scratched or rubbed, will appear lighter than the base foam color. You may notice this upon opening the packaging, or using it on a table or lap.  This is normal, and will not affect its function.

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    A foam pad is a great choice for those who enjoy playing fighting games with an arcade stick on their lap, or on a flat surface such as a table. Now, you can get an attractive custom etch and cut for your favorite Fightstick model.

    Non-Slip Surface

    The pad is made of a synthetic rubber foam, custom cut to shape with a strong adhesive backing, and attaches to the underside of your Fightstick. Lap players will appreciate the extra padding offered here as it removes the feeling of cold steel or plastic on one's legs. Additionally, the foam is designed to add friction when moved, allowing the Fightstick to largely remain in place when playing on a tabletop.

    Designed for Espada DIY Case

     Espada assembled (photo courtesy of Jonyfraze)

    This foam pad will fit the Espada DIY Fightstick case. 


    The case feet are still required with the current BNB Fightstick build, as the bottom holes are not countersunk. The foam pad is designed to accomodate the width of the case feet, with about 1 to 1.5 mm extra diameter.

    The foam is sized to the edges of this Fightstick model.

    1. Before removing the adhesive liner, it is recommended that you perform a test-alignment of the pad onto your Fightstick.
    2. When you have confirmed position with liner on, first peel off a VERY SMALL PORTION the liner and lightly place the foam pad onto the surface by the foam's edge. Do not yet press down - instead, rotate the edge of the foam and perform test positioning by laying the rest of the foam towards the surface while the liner is still on
    3. Next, slowly peel more of the liner from the foam while continually checking the alignment on the desired surface area.
    4. Continue the process until the liner is removed fully, and the foam is aligned correctly on the surface.
    5. Once you are satisfied with the alignment, press firmly across the padding to allow the adhesive to set.
    IMPORTANT: Please note that the adhesive used for the foam pads is very strong, and will not allow for repositioning once applied. Once the adhesive has set, it is very difficult to remove the foam pad without damaging the foam and leaving a heavy adhesive residue. Should you need to do this, you may try to use GooGone or similar product and a plastic razor to scrape the foam from the surface. If you are unsure whether you want to have a permanent foam bottom, please reconsider the purchase.

    Need Help?

    If you are unfamiliar with foam pads and the options available to you, click the "Options Guide" tab, or scroll further if you are on a mobile device.

    Options Guide

    Thin or Thick Padding

    For specific models, you can choose a narrower 2 millimeter (0.78 inch) pad, or cushiony 4 millimeter (0.157 inch) pad. A thinner 2mm pad is suitable for those who desire a lower profile or playing on a flat surface such as a table.  The thicker 4mm is great for those playing on a lap, given the extra padding.

    Foam Pad Thickness: 2mm or 4mm

    Choose your Color to Match or Enhance

    We currently offer custom foam pads in these colors.

    Foam Pad Color

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