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Blank Plexi Cover for HitBox (PS3/Xbox360 version)

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    The art cover replacement top panel offers one of the best ways to customize your joystick.  The plexiglass sits atop specially cut artwork, allowing you to add or replace new custom artwork to match your joystick theme.

    Designed for Original HitBox (PS3/Xbox360)

    Hitbox PS360+ Model
    HitBox PS360+ Panel Template (Older Akishop PS360+ model, 1.9Mb zip)

    The earlier model of HitBox has slightly different button positioning than the newer model that uses Brook's PS3/PS4 PCB. The corners are also a bit more rounded than the recent 2017 model.  


    The latest version of HitBox uses a combination of screws in the bottom plate, and plastic rivets on top panel.

    Hitbox Plexi replacement install: Step 1 Hitbox Plexi replacement install: Step 2

    First, you will flip the HitBox upside down to access the bottom plate.

    Next open the bottom panel of the hitbox by squeezing the rubber portions of the bottom of the corner screws and gently turning. Use a screwdriver carefully to remove the center buttons.

    Much thanks to 801 Mods' Joey Wainwright for the helpful tutorial. new-window-icon.png

    Once the bottom panel is removed, use a needle-nose pliers to carefully remove the quick disconnects attached to each button.  Carefully remove each button by gently pushing the tabs on each side of the button inwards, and then downwards to push the button out.

    The ten plastic rivets can be removed without damaging the rivets themselves. Using a small punch with a flat head (octagonal shaped) gently push in the middle of the rivet. This will allow the rivet to unlock and be pushed through.

    HitBox rivet install: Step 1 hitbox-rivet-install-step2.jpg  HitBox rivet install: Step 3
    Once artork and plexi are in place, you can reinstall the plastic rivets.  Start with the bottom rivet, threading it into each top hole.  You may find that after removing the first time the rivet's bottom is stretched outward a bit and may not easily fit into the hole.  Gently squeezing the bottom with needle-nose pliers will help  Next, insert the rivet top into the bottom rivet's hole. Finally, push the top rivet down until you hear a snap.  The rivet works by securing the top half to bottom, expanding the bottom rivet's plastic legs to keep everything in place.  Should you need to remove the rivet again, you can follow the process above to release them without damage.



    You have several options to personalize your control panel, such as button layout, removal of control panel or screws in some models, button label etching, and text etching.

    Layout Configuration

    Each Fightstick has its own characteristics, with some sharing similar elements, such as the popular Vewlix button layout. We will specify what options are available for each Fightstick. Below are the most common button layout configurations:

    8 Button Vewlix
    First 6 Buttons
    Last 6 Buttons
    7 Button Vewlix
    8 Button Vewlix
    First 6 Buttons
    Last 6 Buttons
    7 Button Vewlix

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    Click here to access and download artwork submission templates (in Photoshop PSD format) for your desired model.  

    Important: Using templates outside of the ones we provide may produce unwanted output.  We are not responsible for output generated from unsupported templates.  More information here.


    New to FA Plexworks?

    Click the "Options" tab for a detailed explanation of each laser etch and cut options available to you.  Using a mobile device?  Click here to scroll to the descriptions.

    Warranty and Support for FA Plexworks Custom Order

    Custom orders cannot be returned for refund, or exchanged for another custom order. Orders damaged upon arrival are subject to special terms within our return policy. Please see our FA Plexworks FAQ for more information about our Plexworks return policy and related Q&A.

    If you have not used our Plexworks custom services before, we recommend that you visit our support section for updated information, helpful tips, and resources to get the best output.

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