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Blank Plexi Cover for Razer Panthera

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    Please Read Before You Order

    Below is important information to know before placing a custom order with us:

    • Project L Official Artwork: Do not submit the PNG samples. Instead, please download the zipped Photoshop PSD version, unzip the file and integrate them into our artwork templates new-window-icon.png for your desired fightstick model
    • Hori Official Street Fighter 6 Artwork:  Please do not submit this artwork for the Fightstick Alpha. It is not compatible with our print and cut, as it contains registration marks that cannot be removed. If you wish to have the artwork printed only, you can use our Non-Commercial Fightstick Panel Artwork Print service. 
    • Hori Official Tekken 8 Artwork. We can print and cut most of Hori's official Tekken 8 artwork, as they revised the artwork files to allow removing the registration marks. Exception is artwork for Jun Kazama which has registration marks that cannot be removed.
    • Custom Orders do Not Ship Separately: If you place an order for a personalized product along with non-custom products, such as arcade part or merchandise, please note that all items will ship together.

    The art cover replacement top panel offers one of the best ways to customize your joystick.  The plexiglass sits atop specially cut artwork, allowing you to add or replace new custom artwork to match your joystick theme.

    Sized for Razer Panthera (2017 Model). Different Plexi Thicknesses, M4x12mm TE Plexiglass Hex Screws for MadCatz TE Optional

    Razer Panthera (Pre 2018) Razer Panthera Dragon Ball FighterZ (Pre 2018) Razer Panthera Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (Pre 2018) Razer Panthera Street Fighter V (Pre 2018)
    Panthera (PS4, PS3) Panel Template (1.7Mb zip)

    Compatible with 2.5mm Hex ScrewsThe artwork is designed to fit the Razer Panthera for Playstation® 4/3. This will not fit the new Razer Panthera EVO (2018 model), nor Razer Atrox for Xbox One or Xbox 360.  Blank plexi, custom etch plexi and artwork for this Atrox are available.  Please note that the plexi - at .060" - is not the same thickness as the original model of .080", but will closely line up with the Panthera's control panel lip as artwork is added.

    With the original panel removed, you can use the original panel screws that are provided underneath the plexi.  See Install notes for additional information.  Additionally, you can  highlight your panel with a choice of M4x12mm TE Plexiglass screws in multiple colors.  The screws require a 2.5mm hex key.

    Install Notes

    Some important notes while installing:

    Plexworks Panthera Install - Step 1 Plexworks Panthera Install - Step 2
    Open the Panthera by pressing the button with logo on the Fightstick's front panel.  The top panel will disconnect from the bottom and swing upwards.  Take note of the wiring, as you will need to remove the buttons.  Thankfully, a wiring guide is located under the top panel (pictured).  With needle-nose pliers, remove each wire from the button by pinching on the disconnect. You can press onto a small tab on each disconnect to easily remove it from the button microswitch terminals.
    Plexworks Panthera Install - Step 3 Plexworks Panthera Install - Step 4
    The Panthera control panel is glued down to the metal panel underneath with a strong adhesive. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to gradually weaken the bond.  Focus on one area first in order to create a small a gap, enough to position a flathead screwdriver or other wedge between the plexi and metal.  With a screwdriver, continue to heat the acrylic and loosen the adhesive while prying away the acrylic panel top from metal panel below.  Note that you may have scratches on the panel as a result - this is normal and will not affect installation of the new artwork. 
    Plexworks Panthera Install - Step 5 Plexworks Panthera Install - Step 6
    Some of the adhesive is pretty stubborn.  You can use liquid adhesive remover solutions such as Goo-Gone, or continue to heat the adhesive on the panel to weaken further and peel away the glue. Let the Goo-Gone set in for 15-20 minutes or longer to loosen the adhesive bond to the panel.  On the top four corners of the underlying metal panel you will find a conical Phillips screw.  These screws are no longer needed since the replacement panel does not use them.
     Remove all five screws from metal panel
    This photo illustrates which screws to remove.  You will use hex screws (choice of color hex screws are offered with purchase of plexi) as a replacement.

    Durable Configuration. Laser Cut Layout

    The Panthera top panel is constructed using resilient clear acrylic, and layout is cut to precision with a laser etching device.


    You have several options to personalize your control panel, such as button layout, removal of control panel or screws in some models, button label etching, and text etching.


    Layout Configuration

    Each Fightstick has its own characteristics, with some sharing similar elements, such as the popular Vewlix button layout. We will specify what options are available for each Fightstick. Below are the most common button layout configurations:

    8 Button Vewlix
    First 6 Buttons
    Last 6 Buttons
    7 Button Vewlix
    8 Button Vewlix
    First 6 Buttons
    Last 6 Buttons
    7 Button Vewlix

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    Removing Default Elements 

    Some Fightsticks, such as the popular MadCatz TE, offer additional personalization options by removing default elements such as control panel, start button, or screws.  Cut options are defaulted to their authentic counterpart, displayed as [YES (default)] in the options list.  For example, a MadCatz TE, the default configuration is to have the turbo/guide portion of the control panel cut, so that the control panel can fit properly.  You have the option to select [NO] to prevent cutting these areas.  

    Cut Control Panel? [NO]
    Cut Start Buttons [NO]
    Cut Middle and/or Bottom Screws? [NO]
    Cut Control Panel? [NO]
    Cut Start Button? [NO]
    Cut Middle and/or Bottom Screws? [NO]

    Cut Control Panel? [NO] - If you own a MadCatz TE, and installed a PS360+, you may no longer need the Turbo/Guide area of the control panel, located at top left.  This option allows you to remove the Turbo/Guide portion.  Please note that you MUST remove the actual control panel on the TE by unscrewing it before applying the plexi, or you risk damaging the plexi.  Also, please make certain to select this option if you are also choosing to have artwork printed, or the plexi and artwork won't match.

    Cut Start Button? [NO] - On some joysticks - such as the Qanba Q4 - the start button is directly on the panel.  You can select to have this removed.  You can also select this should you desire a panel similar to the Eightarc Fusion or Synthesis series Fightstick, as the start button is moved elsewhere.  Again, this option is available on specific joysticks.

    Cut Middle and/or Bottom Screws? [NO] - Selecting "no" on this option allows you to remove the middle top and bottom screw holes on specific joysticks, either for a cleaner appearance or to avoid rubbing your wrist against the screw.  Please reconsider this option if you intend to have a full panel etch on your plexi, as etching physically changes portions of the plexi due to heat.  In this case, it is best to leave the screw holes in place in order to keep the panel securely positioned.

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    Image Edit

    If you would like to use a free, online Photoshop-like app to check out whether your artwork will work with a layout we offer, I highly recommend Photopea new-window-icon.png This amazing app works with our PSD templates and is a great way to preview your artwork or create new art files. It also exports to PSD, which is the format we recommend for submitting artwork.

    Visit Photopea new-window-icon.png



    New to FA Plexworks?

    Click the "Options" tab for a detailed explanation of each customization option available to you. Using a mobile device?  Click here to scroll to the descriptions.

    Artwork templates

    We offer a photoshop template for each custom artwork or custom plexi etch. Click the "Description" tab (or scroll up if on mobile device) to display the template and download. You can also click here to access our repository and download artwork and etch templates (in Photoshop PSD format) for your desired model and others.

    Important: Using templates outside of the ones we provide may produce unwanted output.  We are not responsible for output generated from unsupported templates.  More information here.

    Warranty and Support for FA Plexworks Custom Order

    Custom orders cannot be returned for refund, or exchanged for another custom order. Orders damaged upon arrival are subject to special terms within our return policy. Please see our FA Plexworks FAQ for more information about our Plexworks return policy and related Q&A.

    If you have not used our Plexworks custom services before, we recommend that you visit our support section for updated information, helpful tips, and resources to get the best output.

    Some useful sections to review before making your purchase (will open in new browser window or tab):

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    1. Past problems FIXED!!!!

      Everywhere I turn looking up this plexi has been reviews for past versions years ago

      BUT NOW in 2020 all of that is gone.
      This plexi for perfectly on the panthera and my worries are over
      Writing this review on October 18 2020 just finished the horrible task of removing the old plexi and removing the adhesive underneath and I’ve never been more happy with a product
      10/10 all the way go mod your panthera’s now !!!!
      on Oct 18th 2020

    2. Good but...

      It is good and clean, very nice - but a slight crack near the bottom left hole. Shipping to and from Australia probably did it unfortunately. I bought roughly 20 items and only this had an issue. First purchase from Focusattack, so benefit of the doubt. If I lived in the USA, I would probably try to swap it, but unfortunately probably not worth the hassle from Australia. on Aug 7th 2019

    3. So good im gonna write a damn essay about it.

      if youre looking to change out your pantheras art, this is the best plexi you can get.
      there has been some issues with the plexi for some customers in the past, myself included, but FA seem to have really ironed them out and listened to customer feedback seriously. the new plexis they sell work perfectly and i can see no issues with them at all.

      i live in Australia so i usually have to wait around 3 weeks but it came in just around 2 weeks, so thats a massive thumbs up from me.
      ive experienced no bowing with my plexi, buttons clip in properly, everything is flush and there isnt any gaps between anything that you can see or feel.
      its as if its the exact original plexi just with screw holes and no glue. its honestly really damn good.

      being in such a far away land, i heard about the bowing issues of the thinner plexis from the past and had some concerns, i was worried that the plexi would bend or start bowing during transit, but FA really packaged it well and it got to my place without a single defect, i'm sure if you live in america where transport times would be faster, you'd probably never experience those issues.

      originally i had purchased the product back when they were selling a plexi that was too thick, which was supposed to remedy the bowing issue of the plexi, which it did, but as a result it didnt fit flush and buttons wouldn't clip into the plexi properly.
      however, after contacting the company, not even 2 minutes after pressing send they gave me a message explaining the situation.
      They were able to use my name alone to find the date of when i purchased my item, and they were able to ship me out a replacement plexi all for free, clearly showing that this company has some pretty damn impressive databases and WILL be able to help you with pretty much anything if any issues should arise.

      really happy with the purchase. it was well worth the money.

      product: 5 stars, does what it needs to do and perfectly.
      customer service: 5 stars, they were fast af and did a damn good job.
      my product review: too long, this essay has gone on long enough.
      would i recommend this thing?: hell yeah. theres 0 reason to not recommend it if you want to be creative.

      on Jun 27th 2019

    4. Not bad, but still has bowing issue

      Update by FA: The Panthera's top portion does not have enough surface area to eliminate bending. We tried a thicker plexi, but received complaints about being too thick for buttons and requiring contours. Also, please take care not to overtighten the screws, which can lead to bowing
      Ordered mind around April 2019. When I installed plexi I noticed the bowing issue around the top control panel area. The bowing is big enough to fit my pinky inside if I wanted to. I think dust might start settling inside over time.

      Not sure if mine was defective or this is a general issue
      on Jun 12th 2019

    5. Good, but brittle. Be careful with it.

      It fits to the panthera with a few gaps of a few millimeters, but it's not really anything to warrant complaint. The gaps are generally unnoticeable unless you're very particular, like me.

      Be very careful not to overtighten the fastening screws. Only tighten them enough to hold the cover in place. The material is brittle under compression. If it cracks, the screws will pass through.
      on May 9th 2019

    6. Plexi after reship

      When I first ordered my clear plexi, it arrived broken. But after reaching out in an email with pictures, a new one was shipped out in about 2 days and I got it before the end of the week. Love it. on Mar 7th 2019

    7. A few small issues but over all pretty good

      Message from FA - we are looking into .060" adjustments that will address both button and control panel bowing issues. .100" plexi is what we were able to source closest to Panthera that currently addresses CP bowing, otherwise we would offer thinner.
      the original panel on the panthera is 2.2mm and the ones focus attack supply are 2.5mm which means it sticks out a little bit

      The panel is very cleanly cut around the edges, the button holes look a bit janky due to the 35mm? counter sunk ring around the 30mm holes to allow clip style buttons to clip in properly due to the extra thickness of the panel

      maybe add an option to not counter sink the buttons for those who use screw style buttons.
      or try and source some thinner acrylic sheet.

      also add an option to not counter sink the screw holes for the corners i feel like it makes the corners a bit too brittle especially if you tend to over tighten things.
      on Oct 12th 2018

    8. Excellent cut and fitment!

      While it was annoying to physically remove the Panthera's glued on panel, it is now much easier to replace artwork with only 4 screws holding this touch plexi now. on Mar 29th 2018

    9. Total Bad Ass!

      really good quality, feels good to the touch and it's nice and clear so that you can see your custom art work super clean. I'll defiantly will be buying more of these a soon as I come up with a different design. on Mar 16th 2018

    10. Love it

      Plexi is clear and has a nice finish. Fits ratger flush on the stick. Great purchase on Feb 22nd 2018

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    This video explains the many options available to you when choosing custom FA Plexworks services at We also cover important tips and references for properly uploading artwork when placing an order. Visit to place an order for custom Fightstick artwork, a replacement acrylic top, or even laser etched design on acrylic. For additional information about FA Plexworks, download templates, and additional tips on how to submit artwork, visit our support portal Big thanks to Naota for his pro-tier production! ** Artwork pictures are sample illustrations. All printed artwork is submitted by the user, and not sold directly on the website.