Guest-Only Purchases Disabled

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Purchasing as a "guest" is a convenient way to checkout without registering for an account or logging in. Unfortunately, bots can also abuse it to create fraudulent orders en masse.

We experienced such an event for the first time in our store's history, with thousands of incomplete orders along with dozens of completed orders for a single small item. All of these were from guest accounts with a VPN proxy.  It appears that a bot attack was carried out, possibly hitting other online retailers as well.

To address this, we are turning off "Guest" accounts.  This means to make a purchase, you must create a free store account with us. Registering also provides the benefit of joining our FA Rewards program

If you already have an account, simply login at checkout or use the convenient login with email link feature. 

Due to the extensive trouble caused by this attack, and the potential for more, we may have to disable guest accounts permanently. We are currently monitoring the situation.  

I've never visited your store before, but got a "Complete your purchase" email. Why?

Unfortunately if you received this message, you are a victim of ID theft. The bot attack used thousands of real names and email accounts to make purchases with stolen credit card information. Those names and emails were randomized, meaning that many email messages have the wrong first and last name attached to them.  While the majority of those purchases were "incomplete" meaning they never finished the transaction, dozens did go through. We've refunded all of the completed transactions to avoid chargeback claims. 

The remaining "incomplete" transactions will send an automated message asking to "Complete your purchase". We advise you to do the following: 

  1. First, you will want to check with your bank or credit card service as your credit card details may have been compromised through a dark web leak. 
  2. To stop receiving those emails, please click the "unsubscribe" link, located near the bottom of the email message.

Does FA Store Credit Cards?

FA is part of the BigCommerce network. BigCommerce never stores credit card data. You must enter it at checkout each time you wish to make a purchase using a credit-card. Alternatively you can use Paypal.

I made a legit purchase and it was declined. What do I do?

Please reach out to and mention your order ID.  We've targeted specific order patterns and may have accidentally declined coincidental orders. 

Identity theft is a matter we take seriously, and I apologize for the inconvenience for potential customers that desire to purchase as a guest. 


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss