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Sanwa increasing cost, retail of all products

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Sanwa Denshi - one of the most popular manufacturers for Japanese arcade parts - announced via their official website  that it will increase the price of all its products starting November this year. This affects wholesale and retail costs. Our supplier must pay more to acquire them, and thus we must pay more to import them. Here is the official message, translated:

Dear customers

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support.

By the way, although it is sudden, we will revise the price of our products.
As you know, the recent rise in raw material prices has been remarkable.

We have endeavored to rationalize the production site and have maintained the price so far,
but it is beyond the scope of that category.

Therefore, we would like to ask you to acknowledge that we would like to revise the product price very unwillingly .

1. Price revision implementation time
From orders received on November 1, 2021

2. Target products
All parts handled

3. Inquiries Please contact
TEL 03-3959-6611
or each sales representative.

Sanwa Denshi Co., Ltd.

The Pain of Inflation

Over the years, the United States fighting game market has enjoyed retail prices that - on the whole - haven't budged upward since 2015. To be honest with you, this pricing makes importing difficult, as the costs of some products and shipping carriers have steadily increased over these years. Retailers in the US are concerned how increasing the price will look to consumers, suspicious that a competitor will try to undercut them. Despite these rising costs, they will attempt to absorb them, determined to attract shoppers by keeping prices low.

While that was manageable in previous years, post-COVID pandemic economics are bringing costs for raw materials way up. Supplies are harder to procure for everyone, including Sanwa. Similarly, international shipping couriers are facing massive backlogs due to high demand and dwindling staff resources. They are charging much more to ship the same packages to the United States.

Thanks for your Support relies on the fighting game community to stay in business. We try to keep prices reasonable while towing a very thin line between financially sustainable and loss-inducing once all costs are factored in.  Arcade parts are not very profitable, but they are core to the fighting game market that builds and enjoys arcade style Fightsticks. I hope that you may still consider FA to be a great place to find all that you need to win. 

Should you have any questions or concerns about Sanwa's announcement, please feel free to send an email to You can also send a DM via Twitter @focusattack or Instagram at @focusattackdotcom


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