Welcome Again to the Plexworks Custom Job Tracker

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The Plexworks Custom Job Tracker was designed to give customers internal progress updates to orders within our personalized artwork printing, plexi, and DIY Fightstick kit services. 

We've added a few improvements behind the scenes. Of them is a much faster search, taking 1-3 seconds in most cases over the 5 or more seconds prior.  

Corrections Are Now Built Into the Tracker

One improvement you can see is that corrections are now built right into the tracker.  Mistakes happen, or sometimes you may change your mind about a design you want printed. Here you can send us a correction or update by clicking the "Options" dropdown and choosing "Send a Correction". An example screenshot is shown here:

Upon clicking "Send a correction", a new upload screen will appear. The interface is streamlined: You no longer need to enter your name, email address or order ID.  You can upload a maximum of five (5) files and a maximum of 250MB cross these files, same as before.

When are You Allowed to Upload Corrections?

Before the corrections feature was built into the tracker, customers who didn't check the tracker's status would assume they could send changes at any time. The problem with this: Some would request changes after an order had already "moved to production" - either the artwork was already printed or plexi cut.

The Tracker now limits these correction to three status updates: 

  • In Queue
  • In Progress
  • HOLD  

In these stages, we are able to accept corrections without yet committing to a print or plexi.

Questions? Feedback? 

I hope that these updates to the Job Tracker are as useful as the tracker itself.  Because custom projects are produced over multiple days, we know some players simply want to know that we're making progress on their order.  The tracker saves you time inquiring with our service team, giving you control over sending changes that our team can reliably implement.

We're continuing to improve the Plexworks Custom Job Tracker plus the service backend so staff can get your orders completed faster. 

I'm open to any suggestions you might have about the tracker and its use. I do encourage you to visit the tracker over the course of your custom order, and thanks for your support! 


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss