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BNB Free Arcade Pack Custom Artwork: Neo-Geo

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    Important Note

    Purchasing this item does not provide you with a free printing service from  You can submit this artwork for printing here

    To celebrate the launch of BnB Fightsticks at FA, you can download free Photoshop image packs featuring nods to iconic games and arcade cabinet designs!   Each is designed for currently available BnB default 8-button layouts:

    • Vewlix
    • Noir
    • Korean Noir
    • All-Button
    • WASD
    • Bottom Panel

    You can use any of these to submit your preferred design and layout to FA Plexworks Custom Artwork services for BNB Fightsticks, or add your own design touches to the existing artwork for a fully custom homage. 

    Please note that the default artwork does not have any editable layers.

    Big Thanks to Glorious StickART

    To manage the significant task of developing each Arcade Pack, BnB Fightsticks sought the assistance of talented designer Glorious StickART. Every panel was refined to function well with the button layout, offering a highly professional presentation. These will look fantastic on your next BnB Fightstick build. You can also find Glorious StickART on Instagram.

    How to Download

    To download the image pack:

    1. Please add this item to your shopping cart
    2. Head to checkout.
    3. Complete checkout.

    Once the order is placed, you will receive an email with a link to download your file (if you do not receive an email, please check spam inbox, as some emails may accidentally get filtered there.  If you have a registered account with FA, visit "Completed" section on your account, and choose the order ID.  There, you can find a download link. You can re-download this file at any time.

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    1. solid for BNB builds

      Needed this for a custom BNB stick for tourney prizes. 100% worth it! on Apr 23rd 2020

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