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Crown/Samucksa Knee Lever - Neo Edition


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    Photo credit: Tekken GMRDRX | Jaemin "Knee" Bae's legacy as the undisputed all-time best pro Tekken player in the world has begun to spread to the western continents.  In 2019 alone, KNEE has won or placed high in no less than ten (10) Tekken specific events, including EVO Tekken, Tekken 7 World Tour at Combo Breaker, World Showdown of ESports, and Japan Mastercup 11 Championship

    These achievements were done in part by his own custom lever, which features a number of components designed with his and other pro Tekken players feedback. The KNEE lever NEO wraps these unique characteristics into an attractive package inside and out.

    Knee Lever NEO Specifications

    • Grip: Red clear acrylic encapsulated handle
    • Shaft: Stainless Steel
    • Shaft Washer: Clear polycarbonate
    • Dust Cover : Clear polycarbonate
    • Bracket: 1.6T iron plate + coating + printing
    • Tension Rubber Grommet: 30+ specialized for Knee players
    • Bobbin: Acetal
    • Low Collar upper Housing: Clear Polycarbonate
    • Bottom Housing: Red clear polycarbonate
    • Actuator: 16.1mm acetal
    • Switches: 3 Gersung A3KN wide hinge switches, 1 Gersung A3 standard hinge switch
    • Guide (Gate): Circle-Square of clear polycarbonate

    Installation Requirements:

    1. Arcade joystick with at least 65mm wide, 97mm long and 43mm high internal space to mount the lever.
    2. Arcade joystick with JLF standard mounting bracket type

    Compatible with Sanwa Mount

    The KNEE lever NEO possesses a low profile 35mm collar. Its multi-mounting plate has holes to install in Sanwa-compatible Fightsticks that have enough body clearance.

    Tension via Rubber Grommet, Not Metal Spring

    Additionally, there is no tension spring. Instead most Korean levers use a rubber grommet placed in the housing.  This surrounds the shaft, and a plastic or Delrin bobbin keeps shaft in place.

    Tested Compatibility with Fightsticks

    The KNEE lever dimensions are 95x83x118mm. (3.74 inches long, 3.26 inches deep and 4.64 inches high) with shaft installed Without shaft and including the microswitches, the base is 38mm high.  The following Fightsticks are compatible with the KNEE lever NEO.  Its fit is similar to the Crown 303-FK.  We will add to this list as we perform fit tests with other models in our possession. 

    • Hori Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa (includes RAP 4 Kai, RAP 3-SA/SX as it uses similar housing)
    • Hori RAP N
    • Hori Edge (original and 2017 model)
    • Hori VLX (all models)
    • Razer Panthera (not Panthera EVO)
    • MadCatz TE2+ (also compatible with original MCZ TE2 models)
    • Qanba Q1 CUT
    • Qanba Obsidian
    • Nacon Daija
    • Joytron EX Revolution V2

    Reported incompatibilities

    We've received at least one report that the lever is not compatible with the following Fightsticks:

    • Hori Alpha
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    1. My First K Lever.

      I recently bought an Arcade Fighting stick to play Tekken 8. Before that I downloaded the demo and after a few days playing it on a gamepad I knew I needed to upgrade, and I also needed to customize my Fs to enjoy it to the fullest.

      I got the Knee lever for my Victrix Pro Fs12. I had researched for a while to make sure that the lever was compatible with the Fs. a few post on Reddit and one Vid on youtube and as of now there are more post confirming that it fits on Reddit.

      The Lever feels responsive and quite snappy when it comes back to neutral. It performs great in games on fightcade like MvC2 and 3rd strike. It still has the stock grommet I have not change it to the 35 blue that I bought here at Focus attack.

      one more thing I would like to ask of you guys. Please add the Victrix Pro Fs12 to the compatibility list to spare future customers a headache.

      on Apr 21st 2024

    2. First K Lever, it's something special

      It's tough to find good information on Korean levers out there. I took a dive on this one and I have to say, it's very solid. It's basically the same lever as the new help me aside from the actuator which is much larger than either actuator that comes with the new help me.

      The grommet is very snappy and I find that it makes wavedashing and fluid tekken movement much more intuitive. I found that it was better and more consistent than my former hayabusa lever in street fighter as well. On quarter circle movements, the grommet is doing work for you. The tension you're applying to your stick I'd linear, but the lever is curving. It makes corners and just frame inputs much easier. Simply an amazing lever. The unique capsule top is far superior to the ball top as well
      on Mar 11th 2024

    3. As a user of Fanta style K Levers for years, This Crown style low collar is REALLY good.

      Coming from a Fujin V3, and using alot of different Korean levers for around 18 years, I really wanted something with a low collar that I can put into (almost) any fight stick enclosure with a Japanese mounting plate right out of the box. As a Tekken player, and a fan of Knee since I was in High School, I knew he would probably chase that feel of a good Fanta and with a grommet, actuator, and switch spacing combination that would not just be Mishima specific, but an all rounder that can play any character. The Knee Lever Neo does that. My muscle memory coming off of the Fujin took really well to it. Just the right amount of tension, switches engage in a good spot where corners are pretty easy to hit, good deadzone to compliment the quick neutral snap which made me love the lever immediately, KBD, Wave Dash, Taunt Jet Uppers, all checked out pretty easy. The capsule shaped Bat is also a very nice touch too. Its more than just an aesthetic thing to me cause it feels more substantial to hold and you can do small movements easier in the middle of the bat now, instead of just the top, so the degree of control can be used throughout the length of the capsule. On the surface it looks like the old Infiltration Lever, but its much more than that, and judging by Knee using this particular one in tournaments over the Premium and Limited versions proves it can perform. on Dec 31st 2023

    4. Works wonderful

      I had the knee v1 for 2 years and it was amazing to use but the neo knocks it out the park. Moving with it is wonderful. Never have to worry about the top randomly spinning off and it fits perfectly in my recent hori fighting alpha. on Dec 16th 2023

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