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Extended Length Balltop Shaft for IL Eurostick (45mm)

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    Please Note

    The dustwasher available for this shaft has a diameter of 39.68mm or 1.562 inches. This smaller than the original dustwasher found on the Eurostick series joystick lever. This dustwasher size is more common with Japanese style joystick shafts. We are working with IL to produce a dustwasher of the larger size of 56.8mm or 2.23 inches for those who intend to install this on cabinets with a wider hole.

    Before purchasing, please review the joystick hole diameter of your control panel to confirm that the hole is smaller than 39.68mm.

    Before attempting to install into a Fightstick, please regard the much larger size of the EuroStick and its use of .187" terminals, which are not compatible with most FightStick models.  The EuroStick will not fit into most commercial FightSticks.

    The standard length balltop shaft lets you attach a 35mm or 45mm balltop to the IL Euro Joystick.

    Industrias Lorenzo, maker of USA and European style arcade joystick levers, pushbuttons and replacement parts for arcade cabinets, is behind the coveted Euro Joystick.  This model is a staple of many arcade cabinets from yesteryear, and with its large, distinct battop design, symbolic of the arcade's heyday.  

    That said IL began looking towards the interchangeable Japanese style balltop, which is perfect for those in the fighting game community, SHMUP fans, and those who are better used to the feel of balltops over battops.

    Size comparison: Extended vs standard shaftExtended Height

    This extended length balltop shaft is 45mm or 1.77 inches from the base of the shaft.  The base is located at the mounting point of the shaft as it is inserted into the joystick's housing.  You will find this works well with arcade cabinets that possess a thicker control panel such as wood. The shaft diameter is 9.98mm, or .39".

    Compatibility with Seimitsu LS-32 16mm Shaft Extender

    Surprisingly, we found that the Seimitsu LS-32 16mm Shaft Extender will connect to the Standard Length and Extended Length Balltop Shaft for IL Eurostick.  The threading and shaft diameter are the same, and the balltop/battop threading on the extender will also work with Sanwa and Seimitsu-compatible balltops and battops.

    What's Included?

     You will receive the balltop shaft, 39.68mm dustwasher, and replacement e-clip for the Euro Joystick. 

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    1. Excellent

      I'm no fan of ball tops, but the biggest reason I ordered this was because I realized that this allowed for greater customization with the IL joystick. I had 2 aluminum battops from when I used a Hori Hayabusa joystick. I ordered this shaft, installed the light gray aluminum battop I had, and it feels great. The extended shaft with a battop is the exact height as the base battop that comes with the joystick by default. I recommend this extended shaft for the greater customization. on Sep 18th 2018

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