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Focus on Deals


Over the years, one of the most common questions we got from new and existing customers is: do you have any coupon codes?

To address that question, we introduced Focus on Deals.  Each day of the week, a new coupon code is introduced for a specific product, or category we think you might want to check out.  Each code is active for just 24 hours, so it's worthwhile to check every day, or get the deal early.

How do I learn about New Deals?

If you reside on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, or hangout on Google+, you can visit our respective social sites and "like", follow, or add to your circles:

If you're not on any social networks, you can discover the week's deals by subscribing to our store newsletter.

There are sometimes exceptons to FOD - particularly when we're about to run a big sale such as Attack on Wakeup.  However, we're committed to offering daily Focus on Deals for you.   

FA.Rewards Gives You More Ways to Save

rewards-program-signup.pngWe also have the successful FA.Rewards program, which you can earn up to $20 in coupon codes. By ordering at our store, and simply completing helpful store surveys, sharing products with friends, or getting friends to shop at FA, you gain special Gold and Blue chips that are later redeemed for personalized coupon codes.  Best of all, you can use FA Rewards coupon codes to save whenever you're ready to place an order!

I'm sure we'll have additional ways you can discount your order over time.  As always, thanks for giving FA an opportunity to serve you!


Jaleel Beck
Final Boss