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Grey 16pc 22 AWG Wire with .110 Quick Disconnect

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    Whether you are a custom joystick builder or a joystick modder, you need a quick way to connect your new PCB with your buttons.  Get your project done even faster and without the need to crimp a quick-disconnect (QCD) by picking up this QCD and wire combo.  Simple! 

    Full 16-wire set available

    This purchase includes a 16-wire set of a single color, offered at a discounted price!


    • 16pcs of wire, each 1m (3.3ft) in length
    • 22 AWG
    • Insulated .110 quick disconnect 


    • Save time.  No need to crimp QCDs to your wires.
    • Repair any damaged or accidentally cut wire that originally connected to a PCB.
    • Use for several types of Japanese arcade buttons that use .110 QCDs.
    • Daisy-chain or connect PCBs to other parts in the joystick.
    • You can cut the wires to any size, or remove the QCD for any wiring project.
    • Color-coordinate your wires to provide a custom look and feel to your joystick projects


    Please check the required size of the quick-disconnect that you will need before ordering.

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    1. Its abuncha wires, what do you expect?

      The wires comes crimped, making quick instillation for most normal boards a breeze. Only needed 14 wires, so I thrashed one of the wires around by the connector,and it really held on there. These are crimped really well, and the wire itself can take a beating, So there shouldn't be too much worry about these things in your case if you have a hinged case and need to open it often.

      WARNING - Careful stripping. I had to cut and strip these wires using the 20 AWG setting on my strippers, so do pay attention before you start.
      on May 5th 2020

    2. Great ready made cables with adequate lengths, well packaged too

      The cables came as shown, no bent / misplaced plugs or rubber sleeving.

      The cable was well packaged and was free of any noticeable bends or kinks as material retains its shape once it's manipulated (which is fine)
      on Jan 14th 2020

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