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JLF-ALU Series Shaft/Dustwasher Set: Red

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    Seimitsu LS-32, Phreakmods JLF Link Not Compatible

    The Seimitsu LS 32 01 Joystick or Crown series joystick is not compatible because of the larger shaft diameter.  Phreakmods Link JLF series quick release shafts are also not compatible due the larger diameter.  If you desire a dustwasher for these models, you can order a custom blank or etch and cut dustwasher

    The KDiT JLF-ALU Series shaft and dustwasher set is modeled after the Sanwa JLF-CD Shaft & Dustwasher Set. It is a perfect compliment to the new ALU Series Aluminum Battop, or similar colors in our line of 35mm balltops.  The set is available in 10 vibrant colors, each with a shiny anodized finish that is sure to impress style-savvy joystick fans, or look great as part of an arcade cabinet setup.

    What is included, joystick compatibility

    As a set, you will receive an aluminum shaft, aluminum washer, and black plastic supporting dustwasher.  Please see photos for details.

    The shaft and dustwasher set is compatible with Sanwa JLF series joysticks that accept a LB-35 balltop.

    Matches ALU Series Aluminum Battop

    Every color of the JLF-ALU Shaft and Dustwasher set has the equivalent color of our KDiT ALU series Aluminum Battops. You can mix and match colors between both products.

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    1. Amazing

      Worth the extra bit of coin verses the plastic versions. No rough edges, and the paint is done perfectly even. Note that the brightness of the red in the online images isn't as bold as in-person though, its more of a dark crimson colour. on Oct 23rd 2021

    2. too dark

      the red is not bright at all, basically too dark not really red more burgundy on Feb 4th 2020

    3. Gorgeous

      The red alu shaft and dust washer complements my mlg te so well. Great buy. on Mar 28th 2019

    4. More burgundy than the red in the photo

      The pieces are great and simple enough to install. The shafts was slightly longer than the one I removed, but not enought to cause any problems. It will probably wear down a little over time anyway. The only issue is the color as stated in the title. It is much darker than the photo shows. It is still a nice item, just be prepared for it to be darker when you order. on Aug 22nd 2016

    5. Good product, not quite as good colour

      The item is easy enough to install, fits well on the JLF. But unfortunately the anodized aluminium has a more pinkish tint than a crimson red I was expecting from the photo. on Mar 11th 2016

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