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Kori Hollow Battop: Red

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    The KDiT Kori offers a translucent, Sanwa JLF, Seimitsu LS, and Hori Hayabusa compatible battop with a hollow threading for LED lighting.

    Closest Match to OBSC and KN

    "Kori" in Japanese means "ice". Each of the available 8 deliciously colored battops are designed to represent a close match with Sanwa OBSC series pushbutton, plus Seimitsu K and KN series pushbutton.

    Hollow Threading

    The standout feature in the Kori family is its 5mm diameter hollow threading, which easily screws onto the shaft of popular Sanwa JLF series, Seimitsu LS series, and Hori Hayabusa joysticks.  Coupled with a hollow joystick shaft, you can wire a small (3x5mm) new-window-icon.png single white or RGB LED.

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    1. This is the RED bat top you need

      This red bat top is actually RED!! Cherry red. Not orange-ish like other ones full of cheap looking bubbles. Get these if you want red to match your buttons. Feels super smooth and looks so sexy as well. If anything, please keep this brand in stock. They seem to sell fast. on Sep 4th 2020

    2. A unique and good looking battop

      I have yet to use this battop, but it definitely unique. The look and grip feel alone make one want to give it a try. on Jul 24th 2020

    3. Quality Form, Quality Function

      I own multiple sticks, and figure that I would try a JLF-fitting battop for variety reasons, seeing as vastly most of them have balltops. I gotta say, suddenly my inputs are much smoother and less sluggish than before.
      The lack of needing an adapter is neat, but much cooler is just how transparent it is. It's so transparent that it makes me thirsty -- something that Sanwa transparent balltops and even Seimitsu bubbletops can't achieve so much, lol.
      So overall, a beautiful and well-fitting product. I may have to put a battop like this on another stick I own or two.
      on Sep 11th 2018

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