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Neutrik NAUSB Surround and Support - Red

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    Neutrik NAUSB is Sold Separately

    Photo is specifically for installation display purposes only.  Purchase Neutrik NAUSB Feedthrough here.

    For many, the Neutrik NAUSB Feedthrough is an essential component in their DIY build or commercial Fightstick modification. The NAUSB's durability is also required to ensure a solid connection from your controller to console via the reversed USB-B port. Buttercade offers both durability and style with the NAUSB Surround and Support (SAS).

    Two-Parts, One Solution

    The NAUSB SAS consists of two pieces - the first is a solid boot that surrounds the hardware, similar to the Neutrik SCDP Rubber Boot for NAUSB, NE8FDP. Its main difference Buttercade's model is a 3D printed plastic, giving much more deliberate support for the NAUSB.

    The second piece reinforces the port itself, surrounding itself with the same color plastic.  For all the times you may have accidentally jerked the USB cable from the port, this piece will keep the port from moving or loosening at all.

    Available in Several Colors

    To match your preferences, you can choose your SAS in the following colors:

    • Black
    • Blue
    • Gray
    • Green
    • Orange
    • Pink
    • Purple
    • Red
    • White
    • Yellow

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    1. This Neutrik NAUSB Surround and Support is a good buy for your Neutrik adapter

      The Neutrik NAUSB adapter from many reports has weak/non-existent support for the middle piece your USB A-B cable (re: printer cable) plugs into.
      I've heard of these middle pieces falling off within a year.
      I think it's a very good idea to get the 3-D printed plastic support to reinforce your adapter so that it doesn't break.
      I recently bought a third party PCB that has the USB B type plug-in (for the "square" part of the A-B USB cable) and needed the Neutrik AUSB adapter for the joystick case I installed that PCB in.
      I like how the Buttercade 3-D printed piece looks on my Neutrik adapter and against my joystick case.
      Butteroj makes excellent product. Nice to see Focus Attack is carrying this!
      on Sep 11th 2023

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