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Phreakmods EX-Groove Link Quick Release JLF Shaft: Aluminum Green

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    The Link EX Groove by SRK's PhreakMods is an evolution of the much coveted JLF Link, a fantastic new 2-piece JLF shaft design; once installed, removing or attaching the protruding joystick shaft with balltop or battop is incredibly simple and hassle-free.  The Link is ideal for the casual players looking to save some space, and for traveling tournament players who need to cram as much into their bags as possible.

    Setting the Standard

    The original Phreakmods JLF Link debuted in 2013, representing the first solution to a common problem - fitting the Fightstick in a backpack or messenger bag for easier transport. Its novel two-piece, spring and ball-bearing locking and release mechanism has since seen multiple iterations and variations by other manufacturers in the fighting game market, such as Sanwa Denshi and Crown/Samducksa. Designed for use with any ball top or bat top with an M6 (standard) threading such as Sanwa, Seimitsu, Crown, and KDiT, the Link EX Groove improves on its own standards with a thorough redesign and quality of life additions.

    What's New about EX Groove?

    • Overall outside diameter is consistent with shaft cover (0.5"). This helps to normalize its feel with the common JLF shaft, while the length of the top section should create a space for wine glass and similar grips that is familiar without causing discomfort. Larger area above control panel for laser etch customization.
    • Spring is compressed between intersection of parts. This eliminates "spring pop", an uncommon but detrimental issue found in the original JLF Link.
    • Collar grip is optimized for grip ease vs. space needed. Easy to grip and pull while reducing amount of distance needed for engagement/disengagement.
    • Removable dust washer catch utilizing a rubber o-ring. This is useful for in-case mounting of The Link EX Groove for some users.


    The EX Groove is compatible with the Sanwa JLF Series of Joysticks

    What's included?

    • Steel base, which is installed in the shaft hole of the Sanwa JLF body. Your existing JLF e-clip holds it in place.
    • 2.5mm hex key, used to tighten and loosen a balltop or battop
    • Comes in a stylish branded box

    The EX Groove comes in four of the most popular colors: Chrome/Silver, Black, Red and Teal Blue.  Each are anodized over its lightweight aluminum body, and a protective tape surrounds each unit against scratching or nick damage.

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    1. Green is Great!!

      I like The Green Groove it looks good with My Hori Fightstick Alpha for Xbox and good with my metal Green Battop but I couldn't fit the dustwasher that came with the battop. on Aug 7th 2021

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    Link EX Groove Installation

    Installation video of The Link: Ex Groove This video will take you from start to finish installing your Link into a stock JLF. Install done by Jony Fraze, be sure to check his channel out for other great install videos and product reviews! You can pick up a Link at these awesome shops:
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