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Sanwa JLF Replacement Spring

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    The Sanwa JLF replacement spring breathes new life into an aging joystick. Its tension is 0.9lb grams force.

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    1. Very good quality

      It’s a good product on Jul 6th 2023

    2. Tension is just right

      When you're playing with a regular JLF, this spring provides the right tension for you. on Jun 27th 2021

    3. Great

      I don't think there is much more to say about this product, I needed a replacement spring and this was it. Now I purchased 2 other springs at the same time, the 2lbs spring and the 4lbs spring, both of which I didn't use yet. I wasn't sure what kind of tension I wanted in my joystick but ultimately I chose the standard spring. The spring does what it should do and you can't ask for more then that especially at a price of under a dollar, at .90 . on May 7th 2019

    4. Oem is always better.

      I lost the stock spring for my hayabusa while using the 2lbs spring. It had way too much tension, so I replaced it with a stock sanwa spring. Really can't remember if there was a difference in tension between the hayabusa and sanwa spring but I'm happy now. So that's all that matters. on Oct 10th 2017

    5. The tournament standard..

      I have been through all sorts of different springs, whether it be .50 lb., 1.5 lb., 2 lbs., 4 lbs., ect. springs. I always go back to the stock Sanwa JLF spring. However, tension is mainly based on player preference, but you know what to expect when getting this spring and is the standard for a reason. on May 19th 2016

    6. Decent spring

      I bought this to replace my qanba's lever spring, I thought the qanba lever was too loose but the change did a subtle difference. The spring was good all in all just had higher hopes. on Aug 5th 2015

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