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Sanwa LB-35 Balltop Dark Red

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    The SANWA LB-35 Balltop is a standard across most Japanese Viewlix arcade machines, and used in almost all commercial joysticks.  The 35mm size ball top fits Sanwa JLF-TP-8T and JLW-TM-8 and all Seimitsu joysticks.  It's great for those who want an authentic japanese joystick feel, and control using their fingers rather than the entire palm.

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    1. amazing for the most part, just one small issue

      I bought this with red sanwa buttons when I got a plexiglass and artwork for my qanba obsidian.
      The good:
      - color matches perfectly with red sanwa buttons
      - the plastic used feels great on the hands
      - the glossy finish is perfect
      - fits perfectly on a sanwa joystick
      - very durable
      The bad:
      - noticeable seam line in the middle and nub mark on the top that feels a bit awkward to the fingers

      If either of my sticks had came with a plastic ball top this would have probably not been an issue to me, but I ended up solving the problem by using some sandpaper to get rid of the seam line and nub mark and a few coats of tamiya clear acrylic paint to bring back the very glossy finish(took me 3 good coats and a light fourth coat just for good measure), but with this bit of effort and usage of hobby materials I would say this ball top goes from a 4/5 to a 5/5 easily as it fixes the one issue I had with it, and if you don't mind/are used to the seam line and nub mark then it's perfect
      on Oct 2nd 2019

    2. Darker Than Expected

      The actual color of the balltop is much darker than the image. I warmed up to it pretty quickly though, so I don't really regret buying it. Just make sure that you find a better image on google before making your purchase so you know what it actually looks like. on Sep 17th 2019

    3. The same red as my Mad Catz TE2 Xbox stick

      I was worried the red would be "too dark" and somehow different, but it's a solid standard red. I'm overall happy I got this red instead of going for the vermillion. on Dec 17th 2018

    4. Dark Red is very true! Would be a 5* if actual color would show on picture!

      From FA - photos can differ from actual product as it is taken under controlled lighting conditions. A customer's computer monitor color/brightness may also skew the color as well.
      Sure if feels/works good, and might be good for some custom color-schemes..But it's NOT the color of the picture, it's a LOT darker.

      I just clicked on the color I wanted, and saw on the picture.. and that would be [Seimitsu Solid Color Red LB-35 Balltop]

      So the color on the picture is just not the one you get!

      Glad I bought a white one too for alternative color-scheme. This one goes to my oldest stick.
      on Sep 6th 2017

    5. Great ball top that goes perfectly with my custom stick design

      Good price, works with my Sanwa stick on my MadCatz SF4 SE stick. on Sep 10th 2015

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