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Seimitsu Alutimo Contact Cylinder (10pcs Pak)

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    The contact cylinder is designed to rotate as the Cherry MX's fragile switch's contact pins are inserted into the housing. This prevents the pins from bending, and holds the contact pins tightly in place. 

    Due to their tiny size, extra care is needed to handle the contact cylinder.  Should you accidentally pop out the cylinders, getting them back in will require a pair of curved pointed tip tweezers. They are also quite easy to lose. Replacements cylinders are available in single packs of 10 units, great to have on hand just in case one is lost during re-assembly.

    Installation and Disassembly Tips

    The Seimitsu Alutimo has quite the unique build, making hot-swapping MX switches a challenge. 

    • Read this review of Alutimo for tips on disassembly and methods to keep your contact cylinders in place during a swap. (Japanese, use Google Translate) new-window-icon.png
    • Check out this method to help quiet the Alutimo using cloth tape. (Japanese, use Google Translate) new-window-icon.png
    • Check this YouTube video showing how to assemble and disassemble the Alutimo (temporary video until Seimitsu releases an official one) new-window-icon.png

    Disassembling Alutimo (Please proceed at your own risk.)

    1. Remove outer cap.
    2. Push the center point of the MX switch via push out tool. You can feel the inner lock has got off with a click sound. We highly suggest that you use the Alutimo Switch Push Out Tool for the purpose to avoid injury.
    3. Remove the inner cap and swap the switch or shims.

    Assembling Alutimo

    1. Install the contact cylinders. You will need tweezers.
    2. Install the shims on the switch.
    3. Assemble the inner cap and switch before you install these to the rim. Because the clearance of the inner cap and the switch stem is tight, you will need to use a firm hand to insert them deeply. The button will work even if you did not insert them deeply, but it will not reach the correct actuation point.
    4. Install the assembled unit into the rim. You need to be careful not to bend the MX switch pins.
    5. Install the outer cap.

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