A quick word regarding COVID-19, domestic USPS/FedEx Ground tracking issues plus international shipping restrictions.

Submit Artwork Corrections

We understand that mistakes happen when submitting custom artwork, or you may desire to change something in the presentation. If your custom order currently does not have a "Dry/Polish" status in our Custom Job Tracker, you can re-submit your artwork or plexi content using the form below.

Important Notes

  • Before submitting, please check the status of your order in the Custom Job Tracker.  Orders that have a status of "Dry/Polish", "Proceeding to Art", "Proceeding to Plexi", "Transit to Warehouse", "Preparing for Shipment", or "Shipped", will not receive further changes.
  • Please do NOT use the form to ask questions, as design staff will not respond to them.  Instead, please send a message to, or click the "Help" icon on the bottom left of each page on our website to post a message to our team.
  • Please take care to finalize the presentation of your artwork. Multiple changes to an order request that our staff did not solicit as part of resolving a HOLD status may not be honored, as we cannot guarantee that we will have the latest version while manufacturing the custom artwork or plexi.