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.110" (2.8mm) Open-Barrel Non-Insulated Quick Disconnect Terminal (Approx 100pcs)

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    Now Sold by Weight Approximation of 100pcs or More

    To accomodate our commitment to faster turnaround, open-barrel quick disconnects and nylon sleeves are now sold in weighed packs of approximate 100pcs.  More than 100pcs of each item may appear in each pack.

    The open-barrel .110" (2.8mm) Quick Connector are open-end crimp loop connects for wiring projects. These fit pushbuttons that uses .110  terminal microswitch such as Sanwa OBS series, Seimitsu PS-14 and PS-15 series, and GamerFinger pushbuttons.

    Requires Crimping Tool

    Unlike the Philmore closed-barrel quick connect terminals, you will need a special crimping tool, such as the Waldom W-HT-1921-P Universal Solderless Terminal Crimping Tool and Bolt Cutter to properly crimp the wire and connector together.  This ensures a secure crimp that will not detach from the wire.

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    1. Too tight for Sanwa buttons

      Seconding the other reviewer's feedback who said these were a tight fit. I bought these connectors along with Sanwa buttons in a recent order and I have found it impossible to get them to engage fully with the terminals on the buttons.

      You can see that there's a little divot in the connector which is meant to mate with a hole on the terminal; the connector doesn't slide any further past that.

      I have some other quick disconnects of the same size, from a different manufacturer and they are ever-so-slightly larger and they fit on much easier while still being a very snug fit once fully-engaged.
      on Feb 21st 2022

    2. Mostly fine

      These can do the job. But they're pretty much impossible to get onto standard buttons (I've used it with Sanwa, Hori, and Seimitsu, not that there's a difference) until you pry it a bit looser. I don't mind crimping, but find it's way more of a pain to get them loose enough to actually fit onto a button. on Jul 25th 2020

    3. Solid

      Easy to crimp if you have the right crimper. Just what I needed. on May 23rd 2019

    4. Solid, Crimping was difficult

      My standard tool for crimping isn't best fit for this piece. I knew what I signed up for though and expected it to be difficult. Product is solid. on Mar 14th 2018

    5. Tight, but good

      Good and easy to use, good quality.

      A little too tight. Had to force some a little open to be able to put it on the buttons.
      on Mar 24th 2016