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.110" (2.8mm) Open-Barrel Non-Insulated Quick Disconnect Terminal (Approx 100pcs)

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    Now Sold by Weight Approximation of 100pcs or More

    To accomodate our commitment to faster turnaround, open-barrel quick disconnects and nylon sleeves are now sold in weighed packs of approximate 100pcs.  More than 100pcs of each item may appear in each pack.

    The open-barrel .110" (2.8mm) Quick Connector are open-end crimp loop connects for wiring projects. These fit pushbuttons that uses .110  terminal microswitch such as Sanwa OBS series, Seimitsu PS-14 and PS-15 series, and GamerFinger pushbuttons.

    Requires Crimping Tool

    Unlike the Philmore closed-barrel quick connect terminals, you will need a special crimping tool, such as the Waldom W-HT-1921-P Universal Solderless Terminal Crimping Tool and Bolt Cutter to properly crimp the wire and connector together.  This ensures a secure crimp that will not detach from the wire.

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    1. Mostly fine

      These can do the job. But they're pretty much impossible to get onto standard buttons (I've used it with Sanwa, Hori, and Seimitsu, not that there's a difference) until you pry it a bit looser. I don't mind crimping, but find it's way more of a pain to get them loose enough to actually fit onto a button. on Jul 25th 2020

    2. Solid

      Easy to crimp if you have the right crimper. Just what I needed. on May 23rd 2019

    3. Solid, Crimping was difficult

      My standard tool for crimping isn't best fit for this piece. I knew what I signed up for though and expected it to be difficult. Product is solid. on Mar 13th 2018

    4. Tight, but good

      Good and easy to use, good quality.

      A little too tight. Had to force some a little open to be able to put it on the buttons.
      on Mar 24th 2016