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3mm Hole Low Profile Adhesive PCB Feet (Set of 4)

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     These set of 4 low-profile plastic feet attach to most electronic PCBs that utilize the smaller 3mm diameter hole, including Brook Universal Fighting BoardBrook Universal Fighting Board with HeadersBrook PS3/PS4 Fight Board PCBA, and IST Pre-Installed Brook PS3/PS4 Fight Board PCB Kit. The PCB feet securely hold to any surface using adhesive.  

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    1. Great value

      Stick super well and the price is on point. on Aug 5th 2023

    2. Excellent price, does the job

      These are a great very cheap option to ensure the safety of your PCB. I do wish I had known that they aren't needed for an AFS (All Fight Stick) case, as AFS has a dedicated spot & screws for the PCB. on May 25th 2023

    3. Does the job with no problems

      If you have a piece of equipment that you want to stay still in your stick, to ensure the safety of it, this is a great product to keep it in the same place. I've moved my fighting board multiple times, taking on and off, and still had the adhesive staying strong. on Apr 30th 2020

    4. Good cheap set of stands

      Works as it should.
      Aesthetics could be made better since the square feet are too visible.
      Bought this but I think I shouldn't even have bothered since my case already had mounting holes provided, nylon spacers would have sufficed.

      Note: taking the adhesive out of a surface is a pita, oil or goo gone is a must.
      on Jan 14th 2020

    5. Necessary for your retro board installation

      Definitely a must own to mount your respective PCB for your fightstick build out on Dec 28th 2019

    6. Not for Zero Delay boards...

      Good otherwise. on Aug 1st 2019

    7. Great product and durable to a fault

      I have purchased 4 separate sets of these for my projects and they work wonderfully. I needed to remove one of my Brook boards that was mounted using these, and to make this long story short... removing the board has been hell and if you have any potential to remove the board you're mounting, align the tabs in a way you can access later because the adhesive is really strong. on Dec 29th 2018

    8. Good in a pinch

      Cheap solution. Not very durable. on Aug 31st 2018

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