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5-Pin to All-Button Conversion Harness

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    Note: This harness will not establish proper SOCD cleaning on its own.  You must use a control PCB that supports SOCD cleaning such as Brook's fighting board series.

    The 5-Pin to All-Button Conversion Harness allows you to connect buttons to a standard JLF lever harness for all-button style directional control.

    From Joystick to All-Button

    Connect male end of conversion harness to female end of existing joystick harness for Hitbox Directions

    The conversion harness' male connector attaches to the female JST connector of an existing 5-Pin Wiring Harness, which is commonly used for attaching to a Sanwa or Seimitsu joystick lever.  Each color signal wire represents a joystick direction, and single black ground wire works as a daisy chain.  Each wire contains a .110" female connector, which installs into most common Japanese pushbuttons.

    The harness also allows conversion to All-Button without extensive rewiring - simply remove the harness and you can again utilize the standard joystick lever harness. 

    If you have considered moving to a stick-less design, and enjoy designing your own case and internals, you'll find this harness is a great choice to use with commonly available wiring.  

    Use with 20-Pin Joystick/Button Harness

    If you are purchasing either the Brook Universal Fighting Board or Brook PS4+ Fighting Board with Audio v2017 (PS4/PS3/PC) to create a DIY stick-less case, you can utilize our 20-Pin Joystick/Button Harness to simplify the wiring install. Connect the conversion harness to the provided joystick harness and you're all set.

    Wire Color

    The 5-Pin HitBox Conversion Harness contains signal wires with colors that match a common Sanwa JLF 5-pin harness.  In this case, each wire color represents a direction:

    • Orange = UP
    • Red = DOWN
    • Yellow = LEFT
    • Green = RIGHT

    If you notice a different color arrangement on your original joystick harness, you may own a Seimitsu brand harness. Use this helpful guide to identify which harness you own.

    Sanwa, Seimitsu joystick wiring diagram

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    1. Easy breezy installation

      I used this harness to my Brook PS3 PS4 Fighting Board + (PS5 via add-on/PS4/PS3/PC) that I purchased from focus attack. easy installation works great!! on May 10th 2023

    2. Great Product to get your hitbox

      Purchased this probably three times, to mess with hitboxes here and there. Absolutely love how easy the installation is. on Apr 30th 2020

    3. Mayflash f300 Compatible

      I converted my mayflash f300 without issue to a hitbox using this product, could not be more pleased with how easy this was to use and install! 5/5 would and likely will buy again! on Mar 13th 2019

    4. Easy and simple to use

      Just had to plug it in the harness where the joystick would normally go, connect the buttons and it was good to go. Really easy. on Nov 6th 2018

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