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Blank Plexi Cover for Qanba Q4-RAF

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    Important: Custom Orders Do Not Ship Separately

    If you place an order for a personalized product along with non-custom products, such as arcade part or merchandise, please note that all products will ship together.  We ask for a minimum of 7-10 business days to process custom orders and prepare for shipping, as we often have a large queue, and personalized orders require additional processing work.  If you desire to receive your non-custom products earlier, then please place two separate orders.  This will allow the non-custom orders to ship within our normal 1-2 business days.

    The art cover replacement top panel offers one of the best ways to customize your joystick.  The plexiglass sits atop specially cut artwork, allowing you to add or replace new custom artwork to match your joystick theme.

    Sized for QANBA Q4-RAF

    Qanba Q4-RAF (Xbox360/PS3) Eightarc Fusion (Xbox360/PS3)
    Q4-RAF/Eightarc Panel Template (1.3Mb zip)

    The Qanba Q4-RAF Fightsticks utilizes six conical screws atop the panel.  To accomodate the screws, we use a drill press to match the original cover.  You can then screw the cover from the top.

    Durable Configuration. Laser Cut Layout

    The Atrox top panel is constructed using resilient clear acrylic, and layout is cut to precision with a laser etching device.


    You have several options to personalize your control panel, such as button layout, removal of control panel or screws in some models, button label etching, and text etching.


    Layout Configuration

    Each Fightstick has its own characteristics, with some sharing similar elements, such as the popular Vewlix button layout. We will specify what options are available for each Fightstick. Below are the most common button layout configurations:

    8 Button Vewlix
    First 6 Buttons
    Last 6 Buttons
    7 Button Vewlix
    8 Button Vewlix
    First 6 Buttons
    Last 6 Buttons
    7 Button Vewlix

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    Click here to access and download artwork submission templates (in Photoshop PSD format) for your desired model.  

    Important: Using templates outside of the ones we provide may produce unwanted output.  We are not responsible for output generated from unsupported templates.  More information here.


    New to FA Plexworks?

    Click the "Options" tab for a detailed explanation of each laser etch and cut options available to you.  Using a mobile device?  Click here to scroll to the descriptions.

    Warranty and Support for FA Plexworks Custom Order

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    If you have not used our Plexworks custom services before, we recommend that you visit our support section for updated information, helpful tips, and resources to get the best output.

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    1. Very High Quality

      Excellent plexi replacement for the Q4RAF. I was surprised how thick it was, but it does fit nice and flush with the stick. Very nice to play on and truly completes a build. You won't regret purchasing one. on Apr 30th 2019

    2. Top product

      I'm absolutely happy with the clear cover, it's 100% accurate. on Aug 31st 2018

    3. Quality Product, Questionable Template

      Update from FA: Thanks for your review. While we have sold many units without a similar report of the 24 button hole, we will review the template with staff and perform a test install.

      I received the Plexi Artwork cover relatively quickly after ordering it. I was very pleased by the feel, durability, and visibility of the cover as well. All was going well until I attempted to swap it out onto my Q4-RAF. While initially the cover seemed that it would align with no issue, I had severe issues with fitting the start button (smaller circle on the right hand side) through the appropriate hole. I ended up having to use a decent amount of force and I was worried I would crack the glass. Luckily, with time I managed to push the start button far enough in that I'm sure just by friction it's now stuck in place. It looks fine from the outside, but I fear that this button will no longer be usable in other sticks as one half of the sliders that hold the button itself in place broke off during the process. Additionally, while the cover looks great installed within my stick, the holes for installation by screws were not perfectly aligned. While a seemingly small issue, this means that some of my screws had to be inserted at very sharp angles. Not only does this make it a pain to install but it looks shoddy if you give an inspecting look over the top of the stick itself.

      For a while during my installation I felt that several of the problems I was experiencing could be of my own fault and inability to properly align the template. However, I have been told I have above average patience as well, so those of you considering self-installation that are expecting a seamless install may have to temper your expectations.

      I am rating this protect highly overall because my stick looks nice: a combined effort of my somewhat messy installation and a great looking product.
      on Aug 29th 2018