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Buttercade Antenna Socket for Brook Wireless Fighting Board (Surface Mount) - Black

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    Newly minted owners of the Brook PS3/PS4/Switch Wireless Fight Board looking for a means to install the antenna into commercial joysticks now have a solution from Buttercade, a 3D printing professional that excels in designing unique products for the fighting game community.

    Antenna Socket Installs into Spare Button Hole

    Buttercade WFB Surface Mount 3D ExampleThe WFB Antenna Socket is a screw ring system, fitting securely into a spare 24mm button hole of many commercial joysticks.  It can also attach to DIY models that don't possess a Neutrik port. There is no drilling involved - the housing slides into the 24mm button hole and ring screws onto the housing. 

    Surface Mount Variant

    The 12mm (.47 inch) surface mount variant works well for a Fightstick whose internals leave space at a premium, and maximizes the antenna's signal strength.

    The surface mount can manage material thicknesses up to 1/4" (6.35mm).

    Installation of Antenna to Buttercade WPB Socket

    The Brook PS3/PS4/Switch Wireless Fight Board's mini antenna has a washer and nut to secure it to openings. It also utilizes a wire to coaxial connector, which attaches to the antenna.

    1. Brook Wireless Antenna ExampleFirst, slide the antenna onto the socket from the front.
    2. Next, with the antenna seated into the socket, secure the antenna connector end to the socket using the washer and nut.
    3. Screw the coaxial connector into the antenna connector end.
    4. Finally, thread the antenna wire through the 24mm button hole and then use the socket screw ring to secure the Buttercade WFB socket to the back of the button hole.
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