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Buttercade Snap Out Tool for Pushbuttons - 30mm

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    Only one (1) Buttercade SnapOut is needed.  You do not need to purchase a SnapOut for each button.

    File the Buttercade SnapOut Tool for Pushbuttons under "why didn't someone think of this before?"

    Simply put, the SnapOut Tool - a novel design idea between John Buttero and Wei Louie - quickly and neatly pops out any 30mm pushbutton/snap button without the all-too-common risk of squeezing and breaking its plastic side tabs. 

    Push and Pop

    A typical characteristic of snap buttons are their plastic tabs located on each side of the housing.  These tabs give way slightly as the button is pushed into the button hole, leading to satisfying snap as it clears the 1mm or so metal plate.  However, these tabs were not designed to handle multiple attempts to remove and insert the button. Additionally, removing snap buttons are frequently accomplished by squeezing the tabs together with your fingers and pushing down. Those fingers can push inward too hard, past the tolerances of the plastic tabs, and break them.

    Buttercade SnapOut Tool for Pushbuttons: How to Use

    Instead, the SnapOut tool provides a gentle squeeze on each tab as the first portion of the tool - the base - is pushed onto the button - just enough to loosen the button's grip from the metal plate. Furthermore the pressure is consistent, thus meaning there is much less risk of squeezing too hard on the tabs. The second portion of the tool acts as a plunger.  Simply slide the plunger into the hole of the SnapOut's base, then push down until the button pops out. This is best done when the FightStick is upside down, so the button falls to the floor.  Buttercade provides a clear video showing the SnapOut in action, making quick work of Hori Hayabusa buttons and a Sanwa OBSC - a translucent model that is notorious for its fragile tabs.

    bcade-snap-out-30mm-assembled-850.jpgNew Nylon Model. Notch for Joystick Mount Plate

    The SnapOut - once a 3D printed tool, is now made of an attractive white nylon, with logo embedded in the top plunger.  On the 30mm model, a special notch allows you to utilize the base in tight places around the joystick lever of some Fightsticks, such as the MadCatz TE, which places the buttons very close to the mounting plate.  This novel idea was added to the SnapOut thanks to Joey

    Button Compatibility

    The Buttercade SnapOut Tool near 30mm diameter is designed to fit most common 30mm diameter pushbuttons, including:



    Hori, GamerFinger

    Other off-brand snap buttons that are just under 30mm or less should also work without much trouble. Of note, Razer Panthera EVO pusbuttons will not work with the plunger, as the .110 terminals are positioned too close to the edge of the plunger.  However, you can apply downward pressure using your thumbs to dislodge the button once the base is installed over it.

    Money Saver

    At just $7.95 - far less than eight Sanwa OBSC or OBSJ buttons - you'll find the savings are clear as from the very first button you recover without breaking its tabs. For those who have practically screamed in frustration for breaking the tabs in your newly purchased buttons, or simply wanted to swap in another set without destroying your previous buttons in the process, the Buttercade SnapOut Tool is a must-have. 


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    1. Pops out buttons easily

      Does it's job and stops my fingers from hurting while trying to pop out buttons. Super easy to use. on Jan 16th 2022

    2. Works like a charm

      I had some ArcadeFinger buttons that were stuck in my VLX and this tool popped them out no problem. I wish I had this tool years ago, I've broken too many tabs with my fingers lol on Jan 16th 2022

    3. Worked Well

      It removed the snap in buttons in my Hori RAP N easily enough. Definitely seemed easier than if I were to try to do without the tool. on May 26th 2021

    4. Must have for Hori Rap N

      It was completely impossible for me to remove the original buttons from this stick until I bought this tool and they came out with ease with out breaking a single on any button. on May 7th 2021

    5. Amazing tool

      If you have snap in push buttons this item is a must have, it makes super fast and easy to remove buttons I highly recommend getting both the 30mm and 24mm variant of this tool. on Aug 25th 2020

    6. Avoid broken tabs and sore fingers trying to remove Snap-ins. The Buttercade Snap Out Tool is awesome!

      This nifty tool saved me a lot of time. While normally it takes a bit of effort trying to remove snap-in buttons on my sticks and sometimes running into the unfortunate case of breaking the tab that secures the button in place which then at that point you'll need to replace the button entirely. If you use Snap-in buttons you need to get both the 30mm and 24mm variant of this thing. It's worth it. on Jun 18th 2020

    7. Never knew this is so useful.

      One of the most useful tool for fightstick users that regularly switches their buttons. on Jun 18th 2020

    8. A Must-Have for snap-in pushbutton users

      Highly recommended especially if you want to increase the longevity of your snap-ins and not deal with the hassle of popping them out by hand and possibility breaking off the tabs from too much pressure! Affordable and well worth the investment. Cheers! on May 16th 2020

    9. Very useful, don't know yet if they're perfect

      I purchased these with the parts I intended to use to customize my Hori N, which had Sanwa OBSF buttons at the time.
      The holes are just small enough that 30mm OBSF buttons still fit, but the fit is very tight, making it difficult to insert or remove them.

      This tool made the task of removing them quite easy.

      However, it remains to be seen if using this tool lessens the possibility of breaking the release tabs.
      on Mar 11th 2020

    10. A Must Have For Every Stick User!

      This tool is simply amazing! I used this to customize my friend's stick and none of his buttons had broken tabs at all when they were taken out! He was lucky to get a stick when this was made because I lost a ton of cool looking buttons to broken tabs whenever I would change them out. It was so bad that I switched to screw in buttons. This tool will make me switch back to sanwas with confidence now thanks to this tool! on Mar 11th 2020

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