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Cherry MX Silver Stem 45g Mechanical Switch for Samducksa 202 MX Pushbutton

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    The Crown/Samducksa family of MX pushbutton offers incredible durability, responsiveness, and a unique feedback system thanks to its use of mechanical key switches.   

    Operating Force, Feel, and Different Key Switches Explained

    The immediate benefit of incorporating the HBFS pushbutton into your gameplay is the ability to choose your preferred level of operating force, simply by switching out the mechanical key switches.

    What does linear feel or tactile feel mean? Linear feel means that the feel is consistent from the moment you press down on the button. Tactile feel provides a bit of feedback upon actuation. Operating Force means how hard you have to push the button and how hard it will push back when depressed.The g45g, for example, represents a metric unit of force.

    Swapping Key Switches to Adjust Operating Force and Feedback

    Because the HBFS uses mechanical key switches, you can purchase other switches that offer a higher operating force, or a different feel.  Each are color-coded based on their characteristics:

    • Red: 45g operating force, linear feel
    • Silver: 45g operating force, linear feel, operative travel 1.2mm versus 2mm of Red MX
    • Black: 60g operating force, linear feel
    • Brown: 55g operating force, soft tactile feel
    • Blue: 60g operating force, click tactile feel
    • Razer MX Orange: 45g operating force, soft tactile feel, silent operation, operative travel 1.9mm versus 2mm of Red MX
    • Razer MX Green: 50g operating force, click tactile feel, operative travel 1.9mm versus 2mm of Red MX

    Cherry MX 45g Linear Red Switch
    Cherry MX™ Red
    Cherry MX Red is a 45g linear feel key switch. It takes very little effort to press the button down. The feeling is quite unique, very soft yet responsive. These also offer no audible click when pressed down, unless you force it to "bottom out" -- pushing the button all the way down to its plastic contacts.

    10x more durable than Sanwa RG

    Sanwa's RG microswitches are known to last longer than the standard SW-68 switches.  Thanks to the mechanical key switch, HBFS possesses a much longer lifespan through use of mechanical switches - 50 million operations versus 500,000 - for about the same price as as the RG.

    Change your Gameplay, or Repair/Replace

    These key switches offer their own unique feedback and press capabilities, potentially improving your approach your fighting game execution.  Should you need to replace few damaged switches in a mechanical keyboard (purchases limited to 12pcs), these should do the trick.  Make sure to check the type of switch that your keyboard uses before purchasing.

    Thanks to The Keyboard Company and PC World for helpful descriptions on key switch characteristics.  Animated illustrations by

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    1. excellent

      great switch. i ordered these in my gamerfinger buttons. best buttons there are! never going back to sanwa. on Oct 7th 2019

    2. Mx Silver is top tier

      These Cherry Mx Silver switches are top notch. With the actuation point being lower then the Cherry reds they feel very responsive once I make my inputs.

      I strictly only use hitbox and I have found that with the gamerfinger buttons I can pound on these very hard and not make any noise has the switches are silent and very quick to respond after a press.

      I'm extremely happy with this product and highly recommend it.
      on Jul 19th 2019

    3. Best switches on the market

      Won't settle for anything less in my pushbuttons. Thanks FA! on Jun 13th 2019

    4. Brilliant if you need sensitive buttons

      When I used to order Gamerfinger HBFS buttons from their official website, this Cherry Silver microswitch was the keyboard-mechanical-switch it usually came with. It's wonderful for me because I can't stand having to press harder on a button to get an input to come out. Here I can press my buttons as fast as I want, because I don't need resistance to improve my feel. After trying some other switches, I could only go back to this one due to it's speed and comfort. It is still less pressure sensitive somewhat than Hayabusa buttons, but Hayabusa buttons' sensitivity is where I draw the line, so this is perfect for me. Plus it's durable! on Dec 6th 2018

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    GamerFinger is the first company to offer an arcade pushbutton with swappable mechanical keyboard microswitches. This gives your the flexibility to play with varying force and feedback, tailoring to your preferences. This episode covers how to assemble the HBFS-30-G3 screwbutton, swap in and out Cherry MX keyboard microswitches, and tips on installation. Products mentioned in this video: GamerFinger Brand pushbuttons - Cherry MX mechanical keyboard microswitches -